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September 08, 2021

milo and the magpies, giveaway [download paid]

Milo and the Magpies is a beautiful hand-painted point and click adventure by artist Johan Scherft following the story of a little cat named Milo who is trying to find his way home after getting turned around by an unfortunate encounter with some pesky magpies. This downloadable game is published by Second Maze, the publishing part of Rusty Lake and is available on Steam and
Rusty Lake was so kind to provide 5 free Steam copies for the bontegames visitors, because I know you'll love this game! So here we go again: time for another bontegames giveaway! Send me an email ( by Friday noon CET with 'Milo' as subject and an innocent hand will pick 5 winners who will receive a key to download this soothing game for free from Steam.


-k said...


Saeed Alajati said...


jj said...

Love these giveaways you're doing recently Bart! And I love Rusty Lake :)

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old cat is named Milo.

Bart said...

It's Friday noon CET, the giveaway has ended, about to pick the winners, watch your inbox!

Stevens Miller said...

There was a giveaway?


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