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March 05, 2021

sugar, sugar 2 2021 [browser]

The next part of my Flash sugar browser games has been resurrected and converted to html5 thanks to a partnership with Poki. So you can now enjoy sugar, sugar 2 in your browser again!


Anonymous said...

It has a sluggish feel to it. Sugar falls slowly and it's like trying to draw the lines using crayon.

Anonymous said...

That's not news to us.

Anonymous said...

Not meant to be news -- just information I thought the developer might like to know. The game used to have a certain eloquence to it but feels clunky in the new platform. The further you advance in the game, the more sluggish it becomes. Once smooth and beautiful lines have become riddled with potholes that have to be hastily filled to prevent leaking sugar.

I look forward to improvements, knowing Mr. Bonte takes pride in his work. Beautiful artwork is temporarily suspended, it seems, as the end product looks more like a plate of spaghetti spilled on the floor. I felt as if I forced my way through the game simply because flash is gone and miss the former sheer enjoyment.

My apologies if I sound nostalgic. I really did enjoy the flash version.

jayjay said...

Sounds like a problem with your pc to me ;) Runs just like the Flash game over here. Thanks for bringing this one back Bart!

Longpeter said...

I miss the sounds effect of the sugar grain falling.
In real life they scream when they fall.
Further it is still a nice sunday game

Anonymous said...

Much harder than before as the screen's so small.

Xexus said...

Nice to play again ... but suddenly I hate Barbie :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Bring them on!

eszterencs said...

I re-played the game, it is still fun! :-) I really like that I don't have to be very accurate.

Yu said...

ANOTHER BIG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Antti said...

I have future suggestion.

This is so lovely game, and one of its kind, I would suggest that you would build small community over it.

Once you have completed all levels and got the freemode access, you would also access "community levels" levels that users create them selves and and post online. Players would vote is level good or bad.

Adding simple rating how many grains needed to pass level and using gravity button, you would create scoreboard to players to compete against each other.

There was similar ecosystem on game called "Tentacle Wars" and it would attrack users during the decade, thus creating income from the adds.

Anonymous said...

Sugar, Sugar 3 is up on the platform and is working very well for me. I'm not sure why #2 is so darn sluggish and crude.


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