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March 11, 2021

cube escape collection [mobile]

Rusty Lake have bundled 9 Cube Escape chapters and released it as one app on mobile today. Get this classic point-and-click adventure anthology now for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Yu said...

Hmmm, my mom will love this! =D

I didn't manage to finish some, this is a good oportunity to do so.

Yu said...

And I'm already stuck in the 4th memory in the first game, hahahaha

Got a glass (with/without water, a hatchet and the matches). Got the blueprint, got the fire on and, for some reason, I smashed the window. What now? xD

Anonymous said...

You need to find the blue cube, then use that where you used the black cubes in the first three memories to travel between the four.

Best hint I can give without a spoiler is there's one thing in the room with a door that hasn't been opened or used yet.

Yu said...

I'm still missing two mixes, got the shroom and the cactus.

Anon, don't worry, it's not my first time playing these games, I just can't remember them =P Thanks!

Nat R. said...

I got this on Steam weeks ago, and I noticed they added some new secrets for the achievements... There are a bunch of new codes to find that you have to use in other games and stuff. I still haven't gotten all of them, I should go finish that up.

Yu said...

Oh, maybe that's why I can't manage to get some achievements!

Anonymous said...

A great collection! Thanks


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