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March 04, 2021

cell machine [browser]

Arrange cells, build machines and destroy enemies in the puzzler Cell Machine by Sam Hogan based on cellular automata like Conway's Game of Life.


Lighty said...

First! Very interesting game. Occasionally the physics/mechanics/biology seemed to go wrong on the first play after moving cells around, but subsequent plays seemed consistent.

A couple of the later levels I think I solved by effectively creating an out of control chain reaction, which might not have been the intended solution, and some didn't need all of the provided cells, but some nice mechanics in there requiring pre-planning to automatically finish the level.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing this game a few months ago. There's actually a large community for this game. One of the project we worked on was to find the fastest and slowest ways to complete each level, which are all documented in this sheet:

Reese said...

I played this a while ago and it was pretty fun.

Anonymous said...

The game itself is a good idea, I like it, but...

Maybe it is my fault, but for me it is very unpredictable, what will exactly happen if I arrange a layout, even after a lot of try, which makes the game a lot less fun. For example the rotation box sometimes pushable, sometimes not, maybe it is based on if I try to push it from the bottom or from the side, but I am still not sure. I also feel there are too much type of boxes ond too many rules for such a few levels. I played until the 10th level when I got tired of it.

I think, with some more training levels or with more understandable mechanincs it would be a great puzzle game.


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