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March 27, 2021

mimic [mobile]

After some years of absence Kotorinosu is back with a brand new escape the room game, this time for mobile only. For some reason you are trapped in a mysterious room with a large window. Can you escape? You can download Mimic from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.


Stevens Miller said...

"Bought" the clue for the box with seven buttons, but still can't open it.

Stevens Miller said...

Update: There is a walkthrough on YouTube that got us past the button box. Had to use some of the other built-in hints. Overall, kind of a tedious experience. The clues don't really have a satisfying connection to the puzzles, and the interface was way too gummy on our Galaxy Tab A. We'd give it a 3/5.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet game. Fairly easy, and only one room, but thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to Kotorinosu making big mobile games in the future.

FadhilKwan said...

Really great game! (and also really glad that Kotorinosu is back!). Only got stumped once at the fishies, but that was due to my own lack of attention tbh. Overall it's a fun challenging brain teaser! :D

Yu said...

Well, I needed a couple of hints here. Specially for the clock, I wouldn't have solved that in ages.

I'm glad Kotorinasu is back, hoping to see more rooms like this one! It was so cute.

Nat R. said...

Hey, Kotorinosu's back, nice! I hope they do what you do with your mobile games and come out with a browser version eventually, but I'll probably play this one before that happens anyway. I routinely replay Kotorinosu games I've memorized the solutions for just to appreciate the puzzle design again and again... Them and Neutral, absolutely the best in the market.


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