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March 19, 2021

shall we golf? [browser]

Are you worried that your golf skills are not improving? Don't take it all on yourself. Playing with your friends is a great way to solve this problem. Let's play golf together! Everybody can use the club in the puzzlescript puzzler Shall we golf? by Noso. (X key to hit the ball, Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Yu said...

For a puzzlescript puzzle it's quite amusing! I hope the char's friends don't do this every second of their life lol

Anonymous said...

Do they get hazard pay?

Anonymous said...

level names & level select & check marks WTF.

Anonymous said...

It's really good, but having to navigate through the line for no reason is really frustrating. Why can't I navigate freely?

Lighty said...

Novel concept for me, trying to work backwards to find the right move without blocking yourself is tricky but satisfying. Currently stuck on hole 13 (or level 30 if you go by the weird level select). Can't seem to work out how to keep the ball on the sand without surrounding it and therefore self blocking...

Long Peter said...


if you still need it:
Hole 13(LVL 30)

Make the following snake
- Go left 2 steps,
- Down 3 steps,
- Right 1
- Down 1
- Right 3
- Up 1

Now play the ball:
Down, Right, Up.

Follow the ball while you play it over the sand,
and play it forwards.

You may noticed, when you play it to the left, it don't stop 1 tile above the flag.
While making the snake above you have to make a extra bump to you will stop the ball from over travelling to the tile above the flag.

Lighty said...

thanks @Long Peter,

Simple once you've done it really. I think I was forgetting you can play a single shot off the sand onto the grass, and forgetting to chase the ball as opposed to set it up previously.

Time for 14/15 or Level 32, looking suspiciously familiar...

long Peter said...


Have fun on Hole 14,


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