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December 23, 2020

inflaming blade [browser]

It's dangerous to go alone so take the sword to conquer the game Inflaming Blade by Dino0040 and btw what do you mean 'The sword is way too big for you'?


Anonymous said...

First but I can't even get the sword!!

Anonymous said...

When you get tired of the Latin check out the sparkles.
I keep getting dragged down by the weight of that sword.

Anonymous said...

I watched an entire video with the Latin tab muted in a small window.
My sprite kept wandering around on me.
Back into battle, turn around, back out, & reenter sword first.
Your health refills every room change.
The hard part is not falling.
Watch your feet & the tip of the sword.
Loved the ears & music although I always mute games.

Canadam said...

The first room with holes was fun for a bit, then the ridiculousness of the pin-point accuracy required to get the fucking thing thru lost me..

Anonymous said...


The first room with the holes: finally figured out how to balance the sword across the hole with careful moving, watching my feet and going verrrry slowly even at the very end.

Next room: rebound those bubbles.

After that, you'll pretty much know or figure out what to do.

I hope this helps -- "Anonymous C"

isna said...

In the room after the bubbles, should one drag or bush the sword through the first corridor?

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely terrible. I want the three or so minutes I wasted on that back. Basing a game around janky, awkward, inconsistent controls is something no one should ever do.


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