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December 30, 2020

flip knight [browser]

A new platformer by Aaron Steed: Flip Knight, with the same gravity flipping mechanic like VVVVVV but you strike with a sword when you activate the flip. (arrow keys to move, Z/X to jump)


Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of Aaron steed in forever, glad to know he's still in the field.

Anonymous said...

A bit too high speed for me.

Andy said...

Another twitch game... I know a lot of people like them, but I'm not the only person with slow reflexes; so, for the rest of us -- you've been warned.

Oh, well, Happy New year anyway.

bob said...

How do you get out of the early screen with all the green ice-things and the four v's at the bottom-right corner? Surely you don't have to clear all of the ice-things, do you?

bob said...

Aha! Figured it out. Boy, I really liked this game. I wish it had been much longer.

Anonymous said...

You make one wrong turn or go through a 1 way platform and you find your self going around in circles from the beginning again. That and the split second timing are both big time turn offs for me. I'll pass.


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