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December 16, 2020

blob opera [browser]

Not a game, but a new browsertoy you simply have to try: Blob Opera, create your own opera inspired song, no music skills required, with this machine learning experiment by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture.


Doralyn said...

Love this, Bart! So fun! Thank you for sharing!

eszterencs said...

It is so much fun, made my day, thank you! :-)

Stevens Miller said...




Nadine said...


Rebecca said...

I don't know whether it's depressing or awesome that it sounds so good!

Giorgio said...

This is great! It's so entertaining.

Might be getting a bit too niche, but would be great if in the future we could choose certain cadences/scales/ranges. My ear kept wanting a Picardy cadence where it went minor instead - but that's probably the musician in me talking!

Xexus said...

If you bring just the tenor and bass down to the lowest level and wiggle the syllables the the left, you get a very satisfying power octave.

Long Peter said...

Love to play with it,

But did anybody manage to make a song yet?

Anonymous said...

Awesome and fun! Well done!

TL said...

Love it!!!

Yu said...

Sounds good!


Lovely ^^

Anonymous said...

The assumption is that your going to be able to make what you want to.
Then hit the rec. button play it & simply share your creation.
The reality is your only controlling 1 blob & it takes time to get something good.
Because it is a bit hit or miss your not going to be recording at the time.
If you do record all the time you have a lot of junk to edit off.
My biggest complaint is location of my mouse always goes off below.
Also it hits the mute, or stops the recording on me.
This is still a lot of fun mind you, and their distortions are great.


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