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December 01, 2020

heart and christmas [browser]

Can you solve all the puzzles to escape in Heart and Christmas, the latest escape the room game by Ichima?


a12r13 said...

Out... nice one.

abi said...

Really liked the fact that once you use a clue it doesnt go to that part of the screen.
Nice game!

Anonymous said...

stuck needing a hammer or word

Anonymous said...

or a mold ?

a12r13 said...

@anonymous 14:36 look carefully at the ladder in the small room with redbox and computer.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of pesimari escape games. Anyone know what happened to them? I can't find the website either. It makes me sad to think that maybe they aren't going to make anymore because flash was killed. Anyone know?

TiCKed said...

Very nice. Enjoy the ones with a bit of a challenge, but no show stoppers. A bit directed, without being totally linear. Thumbs up.

Frobisher said...

While we're on the subject of Japanese room escape games, Neutral recently posted a message saying that she's going to update her escape games to WebGL and hopefully publish a new game in 2021. All of her escapes are excellent, especially 'Elements' and 'Vision':

Also recommended:

NoProp's games, especially '3 Small Keys'

Kotorinosu's games, all of them really but if you're looking for somewhere to start then try 'Treasure'

Hozdesign's iOS games are almost all very good, and have a particular sensibility when it comes to puzzles. Unfortunately they seem to be unavailable in Europe at the moment because of GDPR:

Anonymous said...

I got upstairs, have moose & 3 ❄ tiles.
Now I haven't got a clue. -that is useful.

Anonymous said...

The power of posting!
That clue was useful.

Anonymous said...

I've missed so much the escape games from kotorinosu and teshie-e. I wonder what happened.

Frobisher said...

Kotorinosu is still developing games, I believe, but I think has been working on updating his old games to survive the death of Flash. Teshie-e's site is now down, and they don't seem to have tweeted for over a year, so I wonder if they've packed it in?

A lot of the best escape developers migrated to iOS/Android/Unity when flash started to be disabled in browsers.

Anonymous said...

I love escape rooms like this.
Not so sure that was a ladder.

MRK said...

Fun escape room. Enjoyed the puzzles. Thanks, Ichima and Bart.

Stevens Miller said...

Very nice entry in the genre, but I didn't like how the back-scratcher was hidden. Too coy and seemed not to match the rest of the feel of the game. Would like to play more from this developer, though.

Anonymous said...

All of Frobisher's suggested games don't work except SIGN.

Frobisher said...

Neutral's game's will work if you enable flash for her site in chrome:
1. Click the padlock / Not secure area to the left of the URL
2. Select 'site settings'
3. Change Flash from 'Block (default)' to 'Allow', which will enable it only for that website.
4. Reload the page.

Repeating the same process on Kotorinosu's site should make most of his games work, but he's in the process of updating them to Unity, so it's a slightly mixed bag. (Also, Unity currently has a bug in Chrome on the latest OSX, Big Sur, that stops games loading all together)

It looks like three small keys isn't working in browsers :/
However, you can play it on Android:

or iOS:


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