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December 14, 2020

chesscourt mission [browser]

Take the role of Pawn, a determined servant to the king hoping to escort the King out of his dungeon entrapment in the puzzle game Chesscourt Mission by Ethan Medeiros.


Anonymous said...

it's a great game, don't get me wrong it's just really long

Anonymous said...

How the heck can the king ever get past an "x" to escape ?
I know that if the rook crossed and over swapped to be king.
But I can't move any piece from it's start, only swap it.
So basically your only changing the first piece's movement rules.

Frobisher said...

You usually have to juggle a few pieces so that a piece can jump the Xs and then take the King

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what the "alien" in the post-game levels were (when theres a full chessboard and credits on the screen, if you look around there's actually a level there to complete) until I realized it was a checkers piece, thought that was really clever considering how closely associated the games are.

Unknown said...

Anonymous at 22:30,
I can't see a checkers piece. I can get the key and open the door, and I can see the top part of a king in the area below, but I can't get down there - there's no scrollbar and no obvious method of getting below the bottom of the browser window (in Firefox). How are you getting to it?


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