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July 13, 2019

burokku konekuta [browser]

Tidiness rules in burokku konekuta. Connect all the scattered pieces together to regain the harmony within your puzzled mind in the 7 levels of this puzzlescript puzzler by Pedro PSI.


Anonymous said...

Level 7 is a pain

jcfclark said...
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jcfclark said...

Stuck on seven. Don't know how I solved the other six. What I do know is the puzzles are counter-intuitive. I was thinking Sudoku at first, but they're not. Being able to skip around to different levels helped.

Stage name said...

Level 7 is the tough one. Also hard to tell which boxes will hook up with which. One hint (POSSIBLE SPOILER) at least one of the corner boxes has to be shifted to the other side before the big hookup.

Xexus said...

The thicker side of the square is the sticky side.

Anonymous said...

Any clues on finishing up level 7?

Stage name said...

lvl 7, bigger hint: Of the four pieces in the middle use 3 to pull out far right piece and 1 to move top piece to right. Then connect.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christ. Am I the only one who finds the presentation a bit racist?
So this is just Sokoban with a bastardized and romanticized foreign culture.

Pedro PSI said...

Hi Anonymous, sorry you had that impression.
There's sadly much racism out there, but happily none in Pedro PSI nor in Pedro PSI's games. That this issue crossed your mind, however, shows that you are concerned, and I praise you for that.
With love, Pedro PSI


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