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July 23, 2019

10 people 10 colors [browser]

Guide all the people to the exit using a color wheel that changes the background color in the lemmings-like puzzle game 10 people 10 colors by TarrCake.


Gentlecat said...

The game has 30 levels, and--honestly speaking--doesn't do the world's best job telling you you're done.

A charming little game, though one of the puzzles near the end was a little tedious.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this.
Although it had too many "training" levels.
The levels should progress from easy to hard.
Also do you need levels that can't fail?

Xexus said...

Small spoiler, there's one level where you can just go get a cup of coffee :)

Unknown said...

I can't figure out level 18 (bar with purple supports, bar with blue and purple supports, then the supports are offset). Does it require perfect timing? If so, I might as well give up now.

Gentlecat said...

18 does require some tricky timing.
First, make the background purple. Then, before the bar falls past the purple supports, make the background non-purple.
Then make it light blue, then purple again.

To make it easier to accomplish, keep in mind that you can just hold the mouse button and the wheel won't disappear, even after you change the colour, so you can change the colour again rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

I really liked it! Thanks, Bart, for sharing! :)

Padoo said...

Oh, I actually saw a version of this on the iTunes App Store at first. It was released later, and the presentation is much higher quality, but it's only available in Japan.テンピーポーテンカラー/id1463418923

Unknown said...


Thanks, that worked! Now I'm stuck on level 24, with the yellow pin and the green person. How do I get the person to leap the gap without going way too far?

Gentlecat said...

24 is also a matter of timing.
It's also a matter of peculiar physics.
After all, when one of the coloured guys goes invisible, they lose all of their momentum. If you do that in mid-air, they fall straight down once they become visible again.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Gentlecat! I hadn't realised that they lost their momentum. I've finished now. The timing on (I think it was) 28 and 29 is also extra difficult.

TL said...

How do I get this in english? Now it's in korean or som other Asian language.

Bart said...

The game is only available in Japanese.


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