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July 31, 2019

logic magnets [browser]

Purple magnets push nearest magnets away, red ones pull others to it. Arrange all the magnets so they fill all the light spots in the latest puzzle game by Elio Landa: Logic Magnets.


Anonymous said...

first! great puzzle!

Catherine Munson said...

Stuck on level 22.

Anonymous said...

22 was hard. Hint: First move is red in the bottom right most position.

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble with level 34, the first one with 4 moves. I might be able to do it with 5, but as it is, I can't visualise what needs to go where.

Anonymous said...

Hint for 34: First move is purple up 1 space.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Anonymous yesterday. Now I'm stuck on level 43. I can get all but one in place, then when I try to place the last one, it pulls others out of position (tried several different ways). Maybe if I give it a break, I'll get it, but I can't remember the layout when it isn't in front of me.


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