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August 27, 2018

cubico [browser]

Help a businessman trying to get to a job interview in the puzzler CubiCo created by Dominic Calkosz, Christopher Popham, Jack Lawrie, Augusto Iversen and Drew Sangston.


David said...

This is kinda boring, but

David said...

It's more challenging now than boring.

David said...

I spoke to soon, this game gets better. I'm on level 4.5

palat said...

Nice puzzle game, love the elevator cutscene!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any tips for 4-8?

Anonymous said...

For 4-8, first make sure the black tie businessman is able to get across by pushing the 1x1 cabinets into the holes. While he's walking, go up and around to push the 2x1 cabinet down in order to get the keycard. Then just grab the upper right cup of coffee and time your jumps carefully to match up with the fluctuating tiles.

(yes, I know this is more than 3 years late)


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