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August 14, 2018

.s [browser]

A minimalist platformer with a shapeforming snake: .S by Torcado for the 'running out of space' themed Ludum Dare 42 game jam. (hint: try jumping straight up and standing on yourself)


David said...

This is a nice game.

Kiel B said...

It's a really fun concept, but I have some qualms about the execution. On the more complicated levels - where you have to plan out your movements to avoid being trapped - the controls become really frustrating. If you jump straight up to try to fill some space with your tail, occasionally the ball will be randomly forced left or right, which can potentially trap you inside your tail. A few times it felt like I got stuck between my tail and a wall where there appeared to be enough room to squeeze by. And more than a few times I got stuck inside one of the walls. This also happened on the credits page, I went up top to try to collect the last of the dots way above the screen, then dropped back down to the blocks to move sideways and climb again - only when I landed on a block my ball passed through the top and became trapped inside the tiny cube. If this were to be polished up and expanded I would love to play more levels.

Anonymous said...

My most frustrating part was a low ceiling u turn & I would randomly bump up & block myself.

Anonymous said...

I finally made it past the bigger level & now the "press z" level keeps blowing up.
also the page has started moving on me so I quit.

Kiel B said...

The "press z" level is blowing up because you're transporting yourself INTO the structure of the level. You need to align the transporter to beam yourself outside of the box (not in between the sets of lines, that's a solid block) then press z. The transporter points in the direction you last moved, so just move to the right, wait for the circle to be positioned outside the lines, then press z and you jump there.

Andy said...

It's another twitch game, and my reflexes aren't good enough. Boo hiss.

Rebecca said...

Challenging and fun!


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