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August 23, 2018

softwood blocks [browser]

Complete all the wooden puzzles in the latest chill puzzle game by Elio Landa: Softwood Blocks.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty bad. There's no thinking required, which puzzle games should have. Instead, it's just a matter of searching through the pieces to see what fits. Usually, there's at least one unique choice, but when there's not, it's a small amount of trial-and-error in order to finish a level. It's a jigsaw puzzle without any picture or variation in knobs and gaps.

That's all bad enough, but what's worst is the interface. Whenever you click on a piece, the game shifts it upward by a distance of about a full piece height. In one instance, I clicked a piece that was already placed and immediately released it, and the game placed it one spot up (because it fit there too). This clashes with years of drag-and-drop interface design. There's really just no excuse to do this, and it turns an otherwise boring puzzle game into something truly terrible.

palat said...

@Anonymous There's a drag offset switch in the settings

I enjoy a chill puzzle game like this one

Anonymous said...

Oh, the settings menu that doesn't show up while you're playing the game, but only in the main menu, you mean. Of course, how could I have missed that? But it shouldn't even be a setting, let alone one that defaults to something so annoying.

But this isn't a chill puzzle game. It's a mind-numbing exercise in tedium with 80 (!) levels, no level-select menu, and no variety.

jcfclark said...

A zen-like game I'd thoroughly enjoy after a month of being snowed-in due to mid-winter blizzards.

Anonymous said...

First thing I always do is find the option to turn off the sound.
I noticed the offset choice but didn't clue in to what it was for.
Why would it be there, & worse, it is defaulted to the bad version.
There are level selecting arrows, but I never had to skip ahead.
I have not made it to the max lv of 60 that has 25 pieces in a square.
I expected some kind of change before lv 30.

Anonymous said...

The higher levels have repeat shapes & little clue as to how to start.
It just ends up an exercise in how to swap for progress.
Normal puzzles have a picture and/or unique shapes.

Anonymous said...

I just have to add.
I don't want the music, offset or anti cavities.
I also don't think pixel fireworks is much of a reward.

Anonymous said...

I usually like Elio Landa's games... but this one is no more than a common jigsaw puzzle without even the satisfaction of a final picture. I'd buy a jigsaw puzzle in real life, if I wanted that, it'd be way more fun.


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