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August 01, 2018

white pillars [browser]

Try to figure out what the White Pillars want you to do to solve each level in the latest puzzlescript puzzler by Rosden Shadow. (Z-key to undo a move, R-key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

hehe, first :P

neat how there's different rules for each level! although i'm stuck on level 6...

Le Slo said...

Pretty refreshing, I found the third level the most difficult, but I guess it will depend on each player.

david said...

It's a nice puzzlescript nod to some of your games, Bart. Loving this artist!

Xexus said...

I liked the "figure out the purpose" aspect

PyroLuna said...

I too am stuck at level 6, I think, the one with the 9 yellow squares. Anyone have some hints?

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on the last level, with the tiny rectangles in the squares, if that makes sense.

david said...

dont know if it's the same anonymous in the last two comments.
level with the 9 yellow squares. you need to consider the bigger picture.
last level, the tiny rectangles are lines.

hope that helps?

Anonymous said...

I'm the second anonymous, at 7:55. I really appreciate the help! I'm reluctant to admit that I still can't figure out what the lines are trying to say though.

The Great Unknown said...

The fun (sometimes infuriating) is figuring out the rules for each level.

Level 1: easy
Level 2: connect the line
Level 3: push each pillar to its node. no crossing paths
Level 4: make the same shape as the 3 stones at the bottom
Level 5: the pillar that moves is a pusher
Level 6: put 1st pillar on the left on the 1, then...
Level 7. each pillar behaves uniquely. get to know your pillars.
Level 8: each black line leads to a black cross


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