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June 09, 2018

shadowbright [browser]

Guide your character to the rectangular goal of each level by playing with light in the puzzle platformer Shadowbright by Hunter Dyar. (left/right arrow to move, space to jump, up/down arrow to pick up/drop items)


Anonymous said...

Neat concept but has bugs. If you drop the orb at the wrong place it can trap you in a spot and are not able to progress to the door and there is no reset button.

long peter said...

Interesting concept.

Nice short game

@ano I got stuck in one level as well, then found you can climb the walls by jumping them.

Hespetr3 said...

Me too. Stuck in a level. The ring is up in the air, the door/portal is right below it but above ground. No reset or menu to be found.

Anonymous said...

1. My little character got pushed off the screen when the orb rolled away and can't bring it back on.

2. Same as Hespetr3 happened to me. Needs reset button.

3. UP arrow needs to be JUMP and space bar needs to be pick up item.

4. Aggravating game.

Sample said...

The creator swapped up/w and space to pick up and jump respectively, and I disagree with this choice. He said himself that this switch made it harder for him to beat, so why did he do it anyway?

It seems like a clone of CLOSURE with a few extra mechanics.

PK Levine said...

Wouldn't load for me (Chrome/Win10), sounds like I'm not missing much.

Kiel B said...

I love the game. I don't mind the controls at all, but it seems like allowing you to pick your own jump/pick up keys would be ideal to suit different players. The mechanic is fantastic, the puzzles are fun and challenging without being too hard. I love the introduction of new orb types and lamps/switches. I would play a lot more levels of this if they were available. The jump bug absolutely has to be fixed if it's going to be viable, though. I noticed that jumping from a standstill never seems to bug, and jumping after you're moving doesn't seem to bug much, it's trying to move sideways and jump immediately that seems to always glitch.


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