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June 05, 2018

roomba quest [browser]

There's a lot to learn about being a roomba. Find out everything about it in the Bitsy adventure game Roomba Quest by Aaron Steed.


PK Levine said...

Cute little game. My only complaint was the "gather data" interlude seemed tacked on for no particular reason and wasn't fun, but at least it was easy and very quick to get past.

Anonymous said...

Cute little game. :)

Anonymous said...

this was so cute and funny.

Unknown said...

love. interesting story, like the art style. and the sayings after you talk to things over and over again. Cool idea about being a roomba! would play again.

Kaden Vanciel said...

Does the game reset when the Roomba uploads all the files? I doubt its necessities.

jcfclark said...

Will never look at a roomba the same again.


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