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June 20, 2018

grow comeback [browser]

Two days ago I posted about Eyezmaze's grow games revival plan with a crowdfund campaign. Well, the campaign was a success and today he is already releasing a new mini grow game: grow comeback.


Paperback Writer said...

It's been a while since I played a grow game. I always love them and this one is amazing too :)


Anonymous said...

That dragon looks frightened of my lifting skills >:)

petroa said...

Ignore the earlier spoiler, rather.

First, one must hear the song, high notes and low.

Then, one ought to weigh the aesthetics, good and bad.

Next, one has to find the right people to appreciate it with you.

After that, one should sit down together, either on the floor or in chairs.

Is there any harm or trouble that could come of such a gathering?

I personally think not, though others have had some serious words to say to the contrary.

Jade Green said...

Maybe I've just been playing the Grow games a lot more recently, but I found this one to be very logical and straightforward. I got all max levels on my third try! Thanks for sharing!

palat said...

I will never get bored of grow games, nice :)

veewee said...

ha! this one is hilarious!!!
eyezmaze rocks!

Yu said...

Got it on the 4th try! They used to take me like an hour to solve!!!

Anonymous said...



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