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June 21, 2018

rotate [browser]

Traverse a series of test chambers with the ability to rotate gravity in the puzzle platformer Rotate by Joshua Stone. (move around with the arrow keys and rotate with the Q and E keys)


Anonymous said...

05:26:022, though it took me a while.

Rebecca said...

This was a nice challenge, with good controls and well designed levels. I must admit that after playing so many other games with the theme of escaping from an evil computer/creator overlord, I was hoping for a morbid twist in this one where in the end the voice was good and the cat was bad!

Emily said...

The ending felt incomplete to me. You got out, but the narrator voluntarily lets you go free without "taking your mind" like it threatened at one point, so you don't have a real reason to believe the narrator even is evil. But this purpose that it created and tested you for remains a total mystery so you can't say whether the narrator is good or evil on that basis either. I feel more of the background should've been revealed before the game ended.

Anonymous said...

What is the Curiousity award?

Anonymous said...

The curiosity award, if I remember correctly, is given for visiting links to developer webpages.

Unknown said...

how do I claim the "rotate me" and "Seven or Less" awards?


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