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July 27, 2017

my brother ate my pudding [mobile]

You ate your sister's cake, so you better hide yourself in the 20 levels of the new funny and quirky mobile puzzle game My brother ate my pudding by Hap Inc.
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.


palat said...

Yes! New Hap Inc! I love the Hap Inc games! Loved the Hidden my game by mom games, thanks for posting!

jj said...

Oh my god I love this. I was stuck for quite a bit at level 2, even with the hint, but then I figured it out. Maybe level 2 should have come a bit later in the game.

Anonymous said...

At least the title makes sense this time. "Hidden my game by mom" was so awfully translated that it is difficult to even say it without reading it word by word.

Anonymous said...

It's nice. But: I'm stuck at level 17. The first tries I caught a shoe, but since then haven't caught anything anymore. Is there a trick somehow?

The Gordo said...

Clever game. Very enjoyable!

jj: I had the same thoughts about Level 2

btw, I've forgotten how to make hidden comments on here for hints. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!


Anon: as long as you have a fishing pole, well... keep on keeping on. Watch for the float to drop.

Anonymous said...

Thank you De Gordo! (I do feel a bit stupid now!)

GrumpyPrimate said...

Got to the basketball level and started to find it more aggravating than entertaining. Also found it annoying that you can silence the music but not the sister's yelling.

Anonymous said...

it was fun to play, but "tap the screen to jump on time" thingy was too much, hate this kind of games. last part was trickier than usual. thank you for posting


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