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July 13, 2017

dear tester [download]

You just got a mail from Gill Bates because there are some bugs in his new Curtains Operative System that launches tomorrow. Do you have what it takes to fix Curtains? Find out in the fun downloadable game Dear tester by Leño y Palmera Games.
You can download this free game for Windows, Mac OS or Linux.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know how to proceed after the first email, because I couldn't see the icon to press. But then I restarted the game fullscreen and non-windowed and the icon was there.
Anyway, I finished the game, good fun! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is fun!

petroa said...

A better name for not-Bill Gates would be Bates McGill.

Anonymous said...

The music for yellow puzzle app is amazing

Anonymous said...

Did we play the same game? I found this to be short, annoying and lacking any form of satisfying pay-off at the end. Compared to the number of well-thought out, inventive or quirky games surfaced by this site I found this game to be way, way below par.

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy wasting my time on unplayable downloads !

Anonymous said...

Just how big does your screen have to be to be able to play this ?

burnt ice cream said...

Unplayable, cannot see the icon. Tried every resolution, including window and non windowed.
Thanks anyway Bart!


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