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July 13, 2017

monkey happy stage 97, 98, 99, 100 [browser]

Robin Vencel did it, there are now 100 stages of his point and click puzzler! Here are the latest four episodes: monkey happy stage 97, stage 98, stage 99 and stage 100.


palat said...

Wow, congratulations Robin! Let's do this!

Anonymous said...

It seems that bonus stage 25 is missing. Maybe he forgot about it?

Tom said...

Agreed, it looks like he forgot to add bonus stage 25.

Xexus said...

Maybe the next bonus will ask for the numbers of all of the bonus stages. Not that I've been saving more than the last four myself.

carrieandmatthew said...

Great fun games, but I'm a little disappointed with 100. I figured it would be a nice long one, but it was one of the shortest. I always like the long ones.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the letter code for the # V was missing in 100, not that it was needed.
I was stuck on level 99 and went to the walk-through video, but I use ad-block.
The ad-block was blocked ,& so was the video, but I figured out my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Monkey

CheddarMelt said...

It's possible that bonus 25 just hadn't been posted yet? It's on there now.


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