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July 26, 2017

10 gnomes in trstenik [download]

Mateusz Skutnik has lost 10 gnomes again and this time they are hiding in Trstenik, Croatia. You have to find all of them in his latest (downloadable only) point and click game: 10 gnomes in Trstenik.
You can download this free game for Windows or Mac OS.


Unknown said...

so as a Mac user it says " this is damaged and should be sent to trash" so we cant get it what do I do?

Unknown said...

Move it from Downloads to Applications.

akroe said...

That ... that wouldn't help at all.

Unknown said...

Yea tried that...No dice!

The Gordo said...

Windows version worked GREAT!

I've so missed the gnomes! Thank you, Mateusz!

Spartalani said...

Also on a Mac and got the same message as Michael G. Moved it to Applications...same error message. Tried downloading it again. Still same error message. Any other suggestions? Would love to be searching for gnomes right now!

Anonymous said...

I extracted the win zip file to a game folder & pulled the .exe file to my desktop.
It didn't like that & opened a folder browser when I ran it.
It worked fine when I restored & extracted & played it in the game folder.
BTW restoring trash after renaming the folder it was in recreates the old folder.

deCarlo said...

Very nice indeed! Hard to find those little buggers (and there's a troll,too). But AFAIK Trstenik lies in central Serbia, not in Croatia.

SgtThursday said...

The first Google search takes you to Serbia, but if you keep looking there is also a very small village in Croatia which is also called Trstenik.

It's hard to tell from Street View since it doesn't go up that alley, but I'm pretty certain that if you look closely at the very middle of the picture in the link below, the concealed stairway looks like the first shot of the game.,17.3983353,3a,75y,292.73h,91.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1str7S39Fzfp4vwi3tkDXkkg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Hey Mateusz... did I find it?

SgtThursday said...

Want to see what's behind the door?


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