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April 07, 2014

a bontegames interview with ... robin vencel

The third episode in a series of interviews with game designers, answering questions from bontegames readers is here. A while ago I asked you to come up with questions for Robin Vencel, and here are his answers!
(Note: I have added a new item in the left column of this blog with all the interviews in case you want to check out the previous ones, and speaking about interviews, recently I got interviewed myself for the We Ask Indies series. If you're interested in that interview, you can find it here).


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

very nice and interesting interview. I tought you were american.
congratulation on the games and thanks for the beautiful work

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. Robin even answered my question! (it was the one about owning a real monkey) :)

chefsinger said...

This interview gives me even more worries about the future of online gaming. Seems lots of people, Bart included, are slowly moving more and more towards mobile-based gaming for development. I'm glad Bart and Robin and others are still (for now) making Flash games, but someday game developers might just go away from browser-based games all together, at least the good quality game makers. Unity is probably a better tool, because I think it will work for the web and mobile devices.
Mobile gaming is great, but I personally spend more time on a PC than on a mobile device. I just like having a larger screen and I think you get better click accuracy in games with a mouse rather than a big fat index finger. The Sugar, Sugar series was great in the web, but I struggled mightily with the Android version. Oh well, let's enjoy them while we can!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, thanks Bart.

-k said...

Great interview! Thanks for sharing this, Bart, and please thank Robin for opening up to all of us. :)

Anonymous said...

You are very good at creating games, Robin (And Bart), But the bit where you hired monkeys was a little funny. It sounds weird for a monkey to work a computer!

Anonymous said...

This was a nice interview to come across. I enjoy the Happy Go Monkey games. I've used them whilst teaching English to 7-year-olds in Chile, and then went home to play them myself (I'm 39)!


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