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April 25, 2014


In this wonderful land the light was all creatures' food, but recently the light began to disappear and everyone is terribly hungry: alchemist, a platformer by HipnoHex.


Anonymous said...

cant believe that... my first "FIRST" in my whole life. BTW anybody knows how to catch that mouse?

Anonymous said...

The mouse is in the area under the chest.

PK said...

Great game! Just long enough to be interesting, but short enough that I could complete it in one session.

Some important hints:

1. When you die, you don't lose any inventory and aren't penalized, you just respawn at the last lightpost. So die away!

2. The rune column's advice about "the top point in the East" isn't talking about the far right screen of the game - just about the LOCAL "top Easternmost" point. If you're on the floating rocks, you've gone too far (for THIS clue).

3. There are multiple rats/mice. One is catchable, the rest are not. The game will let you know when you're near the right one.

Definitely worth playing this one.

Anonymous said...

I only managed to find 23 mushrooms, Anyone know where the last two may be?
Great game, Really enjoyed it! :)

eightoclock said...

A fun little platformer. The root was the holdout for me until I checked the tower a second time.

@Anonymous 14:59 - I think there is only 23 mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

That was a fun way to kill some time. I'm not sure I would have found the mouse without the hint above.

-k said...

Fun little platformer; thanks for sharing it with us, Bart! :)

Margaret said...

PK, thanks for the hints! Very enjoyable game, thanks for the point, Bart?

Stevens Miller said...

I don't like games where I need to time my jumps just so, or get eaten by a plant/ghoul/whatever. Those obstacles always seem like pointless trouble while I am trying to focus on the real goal.

I prefer platformers where the obstacles are the maze itself, logic puzzles in the maze, and (maybe) a few timed jumps here and there.

Anonymous said...

I accidently hit the Main Menu button and when I clicked play, all my progress was completely erased. Not gonna start over.

Kati said...

Awesome little game!

Anonymous said...

the lift doen't go up for me. How is it done?


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