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April 18, 2014

monkey go happy easter

Find all 100 Easter eggs and make the monkey go happy again in Robin Vencel's latest puzzler: monkey go happy easter.


Russmon said...

Always quick fun. Thanks for the link Bart.

Jane F said...

Happy Easter - with 100 eggs! Thanks Bart. x

Anonymous said...

Monkey go happy always makes me happy.

Stevens Miller said...

Fun little puzzle. Something about the monkey makes me just want to slap him, but I'm a crusty old cuss, so I'm sure that's just me.

Anonymous said...

First again!
Two in one day! NEW RECORD!

PK said...

Okay, I feel stupid because I'm stuck on the unsolved puzzles: The swirly cake and the four squares on the well.

I can't believe this. A Monkey Go game is stumping me. This has GOT to be a sign that I'm up way too late. :P

PK said...

Gave up and looked at just enough of the walkthrough to get the ONE clue I was missing.

That'll teach me not to pay enough attention to background objects. Once I got that, the rest was dead easy, of course.

MightyTurtle said...

Can you tell me how to get the "unsolvable" puzzles? my computer crashes EVERY time I look at a monkey-go-happy walk-through.

Anonymous said...

Little hint:
win though ;-)


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