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September 19, 2011

hood episode 1

You are sent to a small village suffering from a witch: Hood episode 1, part one of a new point and click series by Hyptosis, creator of the 'Alice is dead' games.


Anonymous said...

Not first!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait..

Anonymous said...

Woo! A game made by the same people who made the Alice is Dead series! Thanks Bart! This made my day! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the statue of Rabbit from Alice is Dead in the one building. That was a cool little suprise.

Rob said...

don't get it... yet

Heather said...

good game, but where is the sparrows egg

Anonymous said...

Well..... That was short. Here's a walkthrough for anyone who wants to use it.



Watch the intro.

Go into the farthest building on the right (the lab). Talk to both of the people in there. Get the knife from the box on the floor. Leave.

Go into the first building on the right (the bar). Talk to the lady in there. Leave.

Go down the ally to the first house. Get the pumpkin. Use the knife to carve the pumpkin. Go in the house and talk to the man. Leave.

Go up the ally again to get to the second house. Go in and read the diary on the table. Get the candle from the top of the fireplace. Put the candle in the jack-o-lantern. Go upstairs to the bedroom. Read the diary on the desk. Get the hammer from the desk drawer. Leave.

Go back down the ally into the town. Go into the building on the left (the elders house). Talk to the man. Leave.

Go back into the lab. Talk to the one man again to see how to make the drunk one sober again.

Go into the bar to get the tonic.

Go to the first house. Click the bushes to get the robin egg.

Go to the second house. Click the bushes to get the mushroom.

Go to the bedroom and get the cricket that's under the bed.

Go back to the lab to get the potion mixed.

Go back past the second house to find the drunk. Give him the potion and talk to him.

Go back to the first house and go into the woods.

Use the hammer to drive in the nails that are on the two trees.
Use the jack-o-lantern to keep away the dark spirits.

Talk to the deamon.

Watch the ending.

THE END. For now anyway..... :)

Anonymous said...

...Is it as dark as the Alice is Dead series? If so, I'll skip it.

Princess said...

Go back down the ally into the town. Go into the building on the left (the elders house). Talk to the man. Leave.
There is never a man there, no matter how many times I try.

-k said...

@ Princess: Have you tried clicking on the sign above the door? It'll tell you that it is an Elder sign, after that he should be inside.

Anonymous said...

what did you mean the first house? the elder's place? i searched every bush i saw and all i got was the mushroom.

Anonymous said...

never mind. foound the egg.

Anonymous said...

no it is not nearly as dark as alice is dead. it is a suprisingly warm and fun game! it is a tad creepy in the beginning but i can assure you this is a fun and safe game for the whole family!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if the walkthrough wasn't very clear. I was writing it as I was playing the game. :)

Anonymous said...

Broken link?

Anonymous said...

The link is up again. :)

Anonymous said...

How do I get the tonic mixed? I have all three items.

Anonymous said...

How do I get a Ward to go into the forest?


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