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September 12, 2011


Your secret mission for today: to penetrate edgestone and find the alien being that is held captive there. Seems like you are the only one who can break their security system!


everyone is picky said...

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool firsttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Anonymous said...

second :-) :-)

-k said...

Great little game! Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...


I can't find the password for the laptop.

I have a sheet with some colored stard, which obviously is for the racks, but I don't think this and the laptop are connected.

Kata said...

the password for the lap is the number of colored stars in order of the colors in the upper right corner of each rack - hope I found rhe right words in english :)

Anonymous said...


First level
- Take CUTTERS from top desk drawer
- Top drawer of cabinet and bottom drawer of desk are locked.
- Button doesn't work
- Use cutters to open power panel
- Flip switch
- Push button to open hatch
Second level
- Move box to reveal vent
- Color clues on top of shelves
- Take SCREWDRIVER (SD) from bottom of right shelves.
- Unscrew vent cover for SILVER KEY
- Go back to first level and use key on cabinet for CLUE PAPER
- Return to second level
- Enter password on PC
- Turn on power for Area B
- Move box left of hatch door
- Note number written behind it
- Enter number in wall pad to open hatch
Third level
- Turn left to see pool and take SECURITY CARD from left
- Look at gas canisters
- Turn wheels to empty pool
- Take GREEN GEM from side of pool
- Use security card on panel to deactivate laser beams
- Find SHOE in left locker
- Turn to sole and use SD to get BLACK KEY
- Use SD on right locker for GAS MASK
- Go back to first floor and use key on desk drawer for TORCH
- Return to lockers
Fourth level
- Use torch on metal box for GREEN GEM #2
- Look and gas mask warning sign
- Open glass cage
- Take alien
- Go back to beginning and go up to exit.

- Shelves give order for colors (Y-B-R-G)
- Clue paper gives numbers (3-7-5-2)
- Click the scratchings to see number in text (395)
- Follow the hoses in the canister
- Number canisters 12345 = ACCBA
- Following hoses gives 53421 = ACBCA
- Gas mask warning has REV-9476 in bottom left corner
Glass cage
- There are 2 black squares on either side of red button
- Place gems and then push button

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Anon 23:03 for the walkthrough!

Anonymous said...

Password for laptop is?

Jack said...

How do you drain the resivior?
Tried the canister sequence both ways...nothing!

Jack said...

nvm - Googled it.
The code makes no sense in relation to the canisters.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it does. the hoses on the cannisters connect to other canisters.

dyork said...

Nice relaxing little puzzle. Short, easy.

Me, I prefer them harder and longer!!

Jack said...

Anonymous said...
yeah, it does. the hoses on the cannisters connect to other canisters.

Yeah, I see that now...I can't believe I missed that on such an easy game.
Nice, simple game.

KC said...

nice easy game - I like it! :)

KC said...

nice easy game - I like it! :)

Kai said...

I can't figure out the canisters, even using the walk through. Nothings' working D:

Anonymous said...

As much as I like their games, the distracting flickering logo near the bottom of the screen is always a real showstopper for me.

Marco (Germany)

Valarik said...

I think this was the first 'escape' game that I didn't need a walk-through for. Only took me about 10-15 min


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