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September 21, 2010

who am I? r20

Who am I? R20 , a new point and click escape the room challenge by Robamimi.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

one of the harder ones

Anonymous said...

Third!!!!! Yeah. Third is just the very best!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't understand the game
and im not blonddump im not even blondy or dump

Anonymous said...

This game did not feel very intuitive and I only found 3 of the clue cards but managed to escape anyway :)

Anonymous said...

walk through, please?

Fitz said...

There's grapes at the opening screen. That's a clue.
First letters of the number=the number.
Go right, open desk. Take translucent paper and open it. Take hint.
On computer, find scrap of paper.
Click on side of desk. Use translucent paper over sheep. Follow the path noting whether sheep face left or right. lrrrll.
Top of desk, box with left right buttons......
Take FAUCET and hint.
Go right and lift plants. Lots of hidden stuff under plants in these games. Take paper and wrench. Combine 2 scraps of paper. O O Ni Si. First letters of numbers.....1196.
Go to red door and put in code. Take ladder and close door when inside to find pipe.
Go to canister with colored balls. Attach pipe and FAUCET, tighten with wrench.
Go to computer, click GO. Go back to canister, put ladder against the side of it. Yes, it's bigger than it looks. Go up ladder, take key. Take note of colors, top to bottom. Orange, Pink, Blue, Green.
Grab the ladder again and go to plant room. Use key on trap door.
Place ladder in trapdoor. Go down the ladder then down the stairs.
Turn right and note numbers on wall. 1145. Numbers denote position of letters in 4 colors. Orange, Pink, bluE, greeN. OPEN.
On red box, set to OPEN and click OK. Take flower thing.
Turn to face up the stairs but click behaind stairs for another clue.
Click right. Big 5 and a red box. Click on red box, use flower thing. Read hints, yes, I'm missing one. It's liquor, gets better with age and is popular in Italy, France and Spain. Type in 'wine' click OK.
Remember the Big 5? Click and hold button until you hit 5.
You're outy.

Jessica said...

What I've gotten so far.

Get wrench from flower pot on shelf.

Door Code - 1196 you get it from the scrap papers you find when you combine them.

In that room you will get a ladder. Go all the way in and close the door and you will find a pipe behind the door.

Click on right side of desk and you will get a picture with sheep. Open the translucent roll you got and lay it on top. Follow the pattern for the box on the desk.

Click on the left button 1st, then the right one 3 times, then the left twice.

You will get a tap to put on the faucet there.

Put the ladder next to the tank with the balls. Attach tap and then add the pipe and use your wrench.

Go to the computer and click GO. The tank fills with water. Go up the ladder and get the key.

Take the ladder. Go to panel on floor and use key, then use ladder.

Next puzzle I'm stuck on.

Talan said...

Found 4 hints:
1 - in drawer with translucent paper
2 - in box with faucet key
3 - on back of red door
5 - behind stairs downstairs.

Where is the fourth hint?

Fitz said...

Tim, behind the red box you put OPEN into. I missed the one on the door.

Anonymous said...

Great hints, walkthroughs today Fitz, Jessica, Tim!

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHH!!! The page is all in Japanese! How do I even start the game? All I get are two screen shots and the page won't trranslate to English! Someone help please!

Anonymous said...

Never mind about the previous comment. It finally loaded and translated to English. Many thanks to Fitz, Jessica, and Tim for all of the help. Also, thanks to Bart for putting three awesome games on here at one time.

Anonymous said...

4th hint is behind the big red console downstairs. Click to the side of it to get a view behind.

NotMarian said...

Ok, didn't get it without help. :(


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