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September 10, 2010

sneak thief: prime catch

Sneak thief: prime catch is the latest point and click escape the room game by Pastel Games.


Anonymous said...

FIRST!!! I know some people find it annoying. Oh, well. Someone had to say it!

Anonymous said...

Out! Pretty easy but fun.
Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...


1. Collect Screwdriver from in front of desk.

2. Go right.

3. Click metal pannel on wall to zoom in on it.

4. Use Screwdriver on screws.

5. Get Cypher Code.

6. Go back to the desk.

7. Click desk to see the top of it. Then click the lower edege of it to see the cypher lock.

8. Enter code into lock.

9. Collect Fish Net from desk drawer.

10. Go back to main room.

11. Turn left.

12. Take note of the monkey photo on the wall.

13. Go back to the top of the desk and change the monkeys to match the photo.

14. Take the Blueprint Scroll. Open it up to take a look.

15. Go back to main room.

16. Go left twice.

17. Take Lightbulb from lamp on the wall.

18. Go left again.

19. Take glass of water from table.

20. Go right.

21. Click Fishbowl to zoom in on it.

22. Use Fish Net to get the fish.
The fish will go in the glass on it's own.

23. Collect Fishbowl.

24. Go back to see the Knife in the book.

25. Take the Knife.

26. Turn right once.

27. Click red phone to zoom in on it.

28. Use Knife on Wires.

29. Collect wires.

30. Go right twice.

31. Click the water heater and notice the time on the clock.

32. Go back to main room and click the wall clock above the desk.

33. Enter the time from the water heater clock on the wall clock.

34. Take Clock Body.

35. Click to go back to the main room.

36. Click on the chair to zoom in.

37. Use Knife on chair.

38. Collect Crystal Gem.

40. Go back to the main room.

41. Go left three times.

42. Place the Lightbulb on the top of the coat rack, Fish Bowl next to the coat rack, Clock Body in the middle of the coat rack, Wire connceting the Clock Body and Fish Bowl, and then put the Crystal Gem in the Clock Body.

43. Stand back and watch the thief dissapear.

There you have it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous!
Great game Bart, short but sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Nice game!
But,What was [error]panel on the wall?

Anonymous said...

The pannel is on the bottom left-hand side of the water heater. I think that is a heating vent of some sort.

madzy said...

COOL, it is like escape the basement etc

Anonymous said...

Hi madzy. This game is great isn't it? I hope that the nest part comes out soon!

Anonymous said...

Oops... I ment "next" not "nest". I really hate it when I have typos.

jdoe said...

short and great!

marycathereen29 said...

Out, super easy, but fun as always!


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