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September 17, 2010

gulliver's travels

Your point and click appointment with Minoto for this week: gulliver's travels.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Restrained Gulliver was able to start on a journey safely. It encountered dangerous eyes. Travel of him of a favorite adventure in the future might be a continuing thing.

Anonymous said...

There are two ends to this one. I'm going to try to find the other.

Anonymous said...

Here's the other ending...

Santa that has been caught. However, he had a lot of children who were waiting for the present. Please give time to me only for 24 hours. Santa shook off the policeman when saying so and went to distribute the present.

Anonymous said...


Scene One: Pick up bottle opener. Turn on light.

Scene Two: Use bottle opener on bottle. Get bee.

Scene One: Use bee on light. Get key from guard. Use key to free the naked king. Get naked king.

Scene Two: Use naked king on Santa costume. Get carry.

Scene Four: Use carry on barrels. Open garage. Get work machine.

Scene Three: Use work machine on logs. Get tool.

Scene Four: Use tool to free Gulliver. Get nail.

Scene Two: Use nail on Frankenstine. Get mind of plant.

Scene Three: Use mind of plant on tree. Get ax.

Now choose your ending.

Scene Four: Use ax on rope. Get Gulliver out of there.

Scene One: Use key to free the woodcutter. Give ax to woodcutter. Stop the cop from chasing Santa.

The end.

Anonymous said...

R.O.T.F. L.M.A.O.;

Powerful, stubborn work machine.
Tool that uses pushing force.

Anonymous said...

That was the most ridiculous yet.. Awesome.

Cynthia said...

so.... that means that the naked emporer from last week was SANTA?? Santa breaks into people's houses, gives presents to children he doesn't know so they'll love him, and wanders around town naked? Wouldn't that behavior get you arrested in most countries? (hehe)

Peter said...

That was astounding!

NotMarian said...

That was a pretty easy one. But, I'm glad there were two endings this time. Fun!

Anonymous said...

So, Santa is a perv/streaker? The policeman should lock him up for life. He's probably who tied up poor Gulliver. I don't even want ot think of what might have happened to him. Poor guy, he almost got mollested by Santa. Maybe that's why Gulliver wanted to get off of that island so badly.

Anonymous said...



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