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September 22, 2010

bits and pieces

Hello little thing, where is the rest of you? Find out by jumping, jumping a lot: bits and pieces. (warning: this game is hard!)


Me/You said...

ok, THIS game is hard, but really enjoyable... It's a pleasure to be a piece of... meat?

Paperback Writer said...

A really nice game, not too hard.

It's kind of strange with a weird ending,,,

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed it, it isn't too difficult if you stick through it

Anonymous said...

Way to hard. I just keep blowing up.

Anonymous said...

game isn't to hard, getting max glutamate is. Very very fun and intriguing. thank you so very much Bart

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that hard..

Mantaraya said...

The game wasn't that hard, you just have to be a bit reckless and grab the meat when you can. The last level was very easy once I figured out a good strategy.

Did anyone get anything more than just "Thanks for playing" at the end?

Perhaps the game should be satisfying enough, but I think want a bigger pat-on-the-back for being so awesome. :-)

Anonymous said...

The difficulty of this game falls in the "fake difficulty" category (look it up on tvtropes). Twitchy controls are responsible for 100% of the challenge.

Fun though.


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