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September 10, 2010

naked king

It's that Minoto time of the week again, here's Minoto's point and click game for this week: naked king.


Jessica said...

Waited for 2 days for the next game to show up! I check my Bonte Games RSS feed more than any other, thanks Bart :)

Wind Lane said...

A big shout of joy went up in whole town. The king was carried up. Transparent clothes were announced. However, it was found by the policeman. The tag of the king and the policeman started.

Very strange.

Jessica said...

I gave the transparent thread to the mouse on the sewing machine, and now I'm stuck. What am I missing?

Jessica said...

Ok got it. After you use the invisible string, there will be another item in your inventory that is invisible.

Me/You said...

Weird but pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

What am I supposed to do after I comb the dog? ^^; I have some dog hair, a comb and a weird capsule.


Anonymous said...

Solved it! I was stuck for a while because I didn't know I had to invisible string in my inventory. I couldn't see it, lol.

Alecia said...

This is the first ever Minoto I've not been able to finish. It's killing me!! Arg!

Anonymous said...

-change the left circle's color to yellow and the right circle to pink.
-go right and get cut capsule on the ground.
-go right and get comb.
-go left twice and use comb on dog to get the fur.
-use the broken capsule in the orange water.
-go right twice and give capsule to crab.take walnut.
-go left and give walnut to bird.get the seed.
-go right twice and give seed to chicks.take the screwdriver(weighing scale)
-go left and use screwdriver on the screw on the bottom of the ladder.
-go left and use screwdriver on the panel door twice.
-solve the puzzle (SPOILER:up down up up)
-click the up arrow and go left.get painting.
-go right 3x and use painting on elephant's stand.get the decolorant (tube of toothpaste)
-inspect the dog hair and use decolorizer on it.
-go left and enter the door.
-click the space on the second bottom and use it on mouse.
-go out and right and click the bottom space and use it on nude king.

A big shout of joy went up in whole town. The king was carried up. Transparent clothes were announced. However, it was found by the policeman. The tag of the king and the policeman started.

King end only one method.

A few bonous things that I noticed.

1. Best Minoto game title EVER.

2. The painting was made of hemp. Maybe that's what Minoto's on when he's coming up with these great games.

3. The king is built like a Ken doll. He's missing what makes him a man.

I hope that the walkthough helped and that you got a laugh out of the bonous things.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from 15:10,

Your walkthrough comes from Escape Games 24.

Give credits to the one that deserves the credits.

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to help. Yeesh...

Anonymous said...

That's ok, helping is great, but it would be nice to just mention where the walkthrough came from.
But no harm done, just wanted to let people know.
Everything cool now, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Everything's cool. Many thanks to Princess over at escapegames24 for the original walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

Great (that everything is cool), didn't wanna start a fight.

And here's another walkthrough from EG24. It's made by small-tool and it's on the music of Dancing Queen from Abba.

Nicking the Naked King

Ooh you go right, look around, taking the cans off the ground.
Ooh you go right, take that comb, combing the dog at home.

Yellow tap and the other pink,
Place the cans in the orange sink.
Give the crab the cans, used it, getting in the air,
You grab the nut right there.
Any birdie could crush that nut,
Chicks to feed, now that nut is cut.
With a click the strange driver, openening the box.
You're in the box with knobs,
And with your money dots...

You take the painting quick, lasers gone, only button trick,
Elephant, do your thing, take decolorant, oh yeah.
Doggy's hair, you can make, not to be seen but not fake.,
Oooh, driver thing, use it cool, screwing the ladder tool.

Use a ladder, you turn 'em on,
Click that entry and then you're done.
Looking out for an item, empty one will do.
Giving the mouse that string,
And when you give the king...

He is the naked king, old and mean, almost see his thing.
Naked king, feel the beat from the cop his swing, oh yeah.
You got beat, You did crime, sitting the rest of your time.
Oooh, see that king, see his thing, nicking the naked king.

Nicking the naked king.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest walkthrough ever!

Anonymous said...

I can almost here ABBA singing that. Every time a new Minoto comes out we need to come up with a "Walkthrough-Song" for it. Is any one up for that? It might be fun.

amberly said...
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Alecia said...

Thanks for your help. :)

It was the coloured water that had me stuck!

Anonymous said...

I understand everything else, I just don't know how you figure out the switches in the fuse box..

Cyn said...

RE: the switches
It's the color of the zeroes in the price of the painting on the first page (took me a while too). dark/light/dark/dark. trial and error with that pattern and you get "dark" means "up" so "light" means "down"

Cyn said...

and... RE: ABBA walkthrough: that's one of the best walkthroughs i've EVER seen! there was a user for a while on EG24 who would post hilarious ones, but this took a great deal of creativity (and more free time than I have!) KUDOS!!

Carly said...

Just in caseanybody is wondering about where Minoto got that idea: It's also a fairy tale by Grimm. And it's called "The Emperor's New Clothes" where apparently only "smart and intelligent" people could see the clothes. Of course nobody wanted to say then that he's naked, until the children said something and then it was all over.

Anonymous said...

I finished it but didn't get it at all

NotMarian said...

Tricky, but I got it!!

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions


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