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February 22, 2010

rescue baby

It's that Minoto time of the week again, here's Minoto's point and click exercise for this week: rescue baby.


Nikki said...

The crow that emptied the stomach took
the baby by mistake as food.
The baby was able to come back to mother's origin safely.

Lovely game, thank you for posting :)

PawnStar said...

Thanks for this Bart, but sadly, I went to find it elsewhere for my usual Friday Minoto fix...

Fun to play again...

Peter said...

A bit late, I already played the Japanese version. Cute.

Anonymous said...

The hard part was figuring what extreme I had to travel to in order to get cell phone coverage.

qwerty said...

if you click on the baby at the end the mom throws it in the air and a cat lands on her

Anonymous said...

i have the phone, the piece of paper, the knife, and the key...what do i do with the paper and knife??

Anonymous said...

wait i got it!!

vitty said...

Bellino!!! Questo Minoto รจ stato molto tenero.Grazie Bart!

Qatie said...

Wow. That's a pretty big cat.

NotMarian said...

Whew! Finally got it. It was the cell phone thing that messed me up.

It is a humour!!

Anonymous said...

Found the cutest walkthrough online. Very funny and well written. Thanks to the author!

"Rescue Baby", or This Is Why I Love Minoto

We open on a scene where there are two actors; One seems to be a little gymnast holding a fan. The other looks like a knight, holding a sword. But then we click on him and discover that he is not so bright. He crosses the bridge and walks (with wet feet, no less) on the electrified rug.

RIP little knight
(btw, these guys know how to build a coffin in record time!)

Let's take that key on the grass and move along. We can't help the little knight, anyway.

Although it is just "a usual key" it will open the freezer which has been holding a penguin captive. Coincidentally, the freezer also holds "food of rice and pickled ume " (don't know about you, but I ain't eating none of that)

Let's move on to the next scene, where we see the cutest mother cat nursing her kittens! Except, oh, no, um, one of the "kittens" looks rather odd. Oh, well, if mother cat isn't worrying why should we?

In that same scene, we pick up a "Lunchbox. Any contents are not, and are made lonely" This is so so sad

Well, let's just put the food of pickled rice and ume in that lonely lunchbox. Lonely no more!!! Yay!

Now, who would want/need this delicious lunch? I'm thinking the rather zaftig dame with the blue eyes and the brown hair. Let's see if she wants it.

Whoa, yeah, she wanted it! Too bad for her, a crow wanted it, too, and flew in and knocked her right on her zaftig a**, causing her to drop her cell phone.

Well, that's ok because her cell phone doesn't work here, anyway. This is because "the electric wave doesn't reach or it is not possible to talk over the telelphone". Oddly enough, my cell phone often has the same problem. Right here in the 21st century. Go figure.

So let's go all the way to the right, as far as we can go (but, please, not as far right as Rush Limbaugh). [thanks to geokiss for this tip]. Because now, "if it is the place with electric wave, it is possible to call".

Who to call? Oh, I dunn1o, let's just hit speeddial.

And look who we called. "It is a father called by telephone". He is so cute! Let's just pick him up and take him with us. But where?

We go back to the scene with the zaftig brunette and, my oh my!, a baby appears! (I always wondered how that happened. Thanks to Minoto, now I know)

Let's go back to the opening scene and see how the little gymnast is doing now that the knight is in a casket.

Amazing! We go there and the Father comes along and..... and..... resurrects the little knight from the dead!
In an act of what is no doubt gratitude, the little knight gives up "Arms", even though "it is a so useless arms though used by the brave man". Whatever.

We'll give that "Arms" to the cricket (?) with the cello and watch as he butchers a piece by Bach. At least the bad music caused the closet to open, revealing the "school uniform that exists in the closet"

What to do with this uniform? I seem to recall a naked baby a scene back, let's see if this uniform fits him! It does indeed! "It put on the school uniform. It became student's feelings".

Anonymous said...

Let's send this boy to school! And out he pops with crazy eyes! He is a comedy aspirant! The class was attended at the school of comedy! It is a humour!

Let's go see if he can make the gymnast laugh. Oh, yeah! Ha ha ha. Laughed so hard they both fell in a pit. Ha ha. Now, that's funny.

Gymnast left behind his fan! "It is a tool only for indispensable comedy for comedy". Yeah, like I didn't already know that.

If we click on the fan, "Harisen was resolved. It became one sheet of paper". And, coincidentally, gave up a "cutter with strong teeth used to make harisen".

And I'll bet it can be used to open a box, too. Like the one in front of the zaftig brunette. And so it can. Look, a kitten! "It is a kitten that had been confined in the corrugated cardboard". And it's green!

Clearly, this kitten needs motherly love. And we know just the mother to give it! So we take the green kitten to the lovely purring mother cat. But there's no more room at the inn, unless mother cat turns out one of her young.

As it happens, one of those "kittens" turns out to be "a baby who was shrewdly drinking cat's milk". The nerve!

I'll bet that brunette would like to have this baby. Maybe it's even her baby!

Sure enough, once she lays her eyes on this little brat, we get the "baby end (only one method)".

Thank you, "ZOZ"

Tandeeguy4137 said...

The Thing near the baby cot. Is it a mother or a dad? At the end it said baby able to come back to mothers origin! Its got a moustache but its quite simple

Margaret said...

I love Minoto games! Almost as much as I enjoy this blog, thank you Bart <3

agnes said...

Hahahahahahah that walkthrough was hilarious! :DDD

And a pretty cute game too :)


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