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February 24, 2010

escapers final

Escapers final is the latest addition to the fine escape the room series by 58works.


Calibrax said...


Calibrax said...

Not bad at all. Quite straightforward really!

Clea said...

Second. I got quite far into the game, but now i'm stuck..

Coffeeteamix said...

i'm also quite far into the game and now stuck!

what to do with the white/red/blue/grey squares and triangles? O_O

Unknown said...

Anyone else having problems zooming in on items, double-clicking won’t work for me

Coffeeteamix said...

ah.. got the squares/triangles issue..
hint #1: look at TV
hint #2: which channel has 3 squares?

@ Dos: nope, sorry, double clicking works for me~ maybe a flash version problem?

Nevermore said...

...and out!
I love these 58 WORKS escape games.
I just wish they would have the cursor change when on an important object.

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Dos: I can't really read Japanese, but I can guess some what... and it appears that the red letters are a warning that old flashplayers may present problems... at any rate, it says please use newest version of flashplayer. If you have that already then I don't know =3 maybe browser problem?

wheee I'm out ^____^ *huggles robot* <3

Anonymous said...

Good stuff - not too difficult. Got stuck on the 4 blue tiles puzzle. Initial solution didn't work and was about to trial & error it then realised hadn't used the camera...

Double click worked for me - but had to click near the centre of each item - hope this helps.

Unknown said...

switched browsers, working now. the triangles are not my friend right now

Unknown said...

got it...thought the code was more complicated than it was

Megan said...

can't find 4th blue square - I have man, elephant, and ant. any help?

Anonymous said...

Not that far yet
any help???

Anonymous said...

just got the tv on.
Stuck again.
please help

ralenti said...

How to get the tv on?? Please help, have done everything (ok so I think...)

Madelief said...

What do I have to do with the camera...please...

Madelief said...

Never mind... found it...

Shrimp said...

Use camera on tv.
To light the tv, you have to use the remote, with batteries of course

thesmothete said...

Didn't work with Firefox 3.6 for me, but did with IE.

Peter said...

Worked for me in Firefox 3.6.
Nice, but needed much help :(

thesmothete said...

Some hints:

- the plants are over-watered
- there is more than one screen on the TV that is important
- you use the camera to take a picture of a tv image

Lichen Fairy said...

I can't find the fourth blue square either. Can anybody help?

Thijs said...

Needed a hint for the fourth picture as well.


Look at the picture above the fireplace and notice the dots. Move the arms of the robot in the same pattern as the dots on the picture.

Anonymous said...

Where is the2nd battery???

Anonymous said...

i liked that one! even though i had to get some help....: )

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Anonymous who can't find batteries: have you found 2 items that need batteries? Share! =)

Anonymous said...

walkthrough please

Fitz said...

I always feel very smart when I solve a 58 Works game.

The end kinda felt like there will not be any more from 58 Works...........SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!

Coffeeteamix said...

okie dokie, walkthrough ^___^

Collect things!
Facing TV
1) Click on flowers - get key on stem (left side)
2) note that you can't turn on TV
3) Click on picture on top right until it opens like a cupboard - take empty cup
4) Click TV cabinet (right side) and open sliding door (right side) - take blue square (human)

Facing fireplace
1) Memorize sequence of picture on top of fireplace. Keep in mind to look for something that can use left/right as a code.
2) Click on this picture until it moves - take the blue square behind it (ant)
3) Click on bookshelf - take blue square between books (right side) (elephant)
4) Inspect the two drawers. One needs 4 direction cues, the other needs a key or something that is horizontal shaped

Facing robot
1) Take yellow card near bottom right, lodged in sliding door.
2) Inspect it. It has 4 circles. Sounds familiar? But no direction. Maybe we need to do something to it.
3) Play around with robot. Nothing moves other than left and right arms... left and right.... sounds familiar?
4) Enter the code from the picture on top of fireplace, using the robot's arms (left right left right left left right)
5) Take blue card (frog)

Facing door
1) Click plant - take thing behind plant (left side) and fill cup with water
2) Keep clicking on the "thing" you got from behind the plant until it becomes a camera
3) Use key from flower at the very beginning to open the door on the left - take stool/coffee table thing. Note the circle with square hole.
4) Put down the stool on the left of the plant and click on cubby hole on top of it (almost covered by ceiling decoration) - take remote control
5) Note that there's a cubby on the left wall that needs screw driver

thesmothete said...


- click on flowers beside tv, get key
- click on art to the right of tv. get glass
- click on cabinet below tv, from right side get blue "man" square
- turn right.
- click on artwork above fireplace. Note the left-right dot sequence.
- move artwork get get blue "ant" square
- click on books next to fireplace, get blue "elephant" square
- turn right
- collect yellow card stuck in window blinds
- click on left and right robot arms in the order from the artwork
- door in robot chest will open. collect blue "frog" square
- turn right
- open closet with key, collect bench from closet
- put bench next to plant
- collect remote control from high shelf
- fill glass with water from plant pot
- collect camera from behind plant
- turn around and throw water on fire. collect screwdriver
- turn around and open cabinet next to bench. collect backlight.
- use screwdriver to open backlight, remove 1 battery
- use screwdriver to open remove control, insert battery
- use remote control to turn on tv
- flip through tv images. note the weather
- when you see four flickering dots, use camera to take a photo
- collect photo from camera. note photo has small to large sized circles
- use screwdriver to move batteries from remote back to backlight
- put card in backlight and turn backlight on
- use arrows for combination to lock to the left of fireplace
- put four blue squares in size order according to photo
- get key
- use key to open door to right of fireplace
- use weather icons to determine combination to panel. press red button
- get turncrank
- use turncrank on socket in closet
- ask robot for directions to cherry tree
- out! enjoy beer with robot

thesmothete said...

two walkthroughs for the price of one...

Coffeeteamix said...

Use everything!
Face fireplace
1) Splash water on fire - take screw driver behind fire

Face door
1) Use screwdriver to open cubby - take picture frame
2) Inspect picture frame. Has a button that doesn't do anything... Need batteries? Turn it around. Can't open the lid though... what can help?
3) Use screw driver to open lid - 1 battery. Good! Where might another one be?
4) Inspect remote control. Turn it around. Use screw drive to open battery lid. Take battery.
5) Put battery into picture frame and press button. It lights up! Now what? Does the rectangular-ness of it remind you of anything?
6) Take the yellow card you found at the robot scene and put it into the frame.
7) Directions for the 4 dials! (right left left left)
8) Before you go enter that, let's share batteries with the remote control first since we all know TVs are usually places for clues that we can use later
9) Use screw driver to open lid, take batteries, put in remote, close lid.

Facing TV
1) With remote highlighted, click on TV.
2) Click TV to change channels. a) Weather with 3 reports... in squares.... b) random wilderness picture c) flashing blobs. If only it would stop flashing..... how do we make it STILL, like a PICTURE?
3) Take picture of TV with camera.
4) Inspect camera to take out picture. 4 dots on squares arranged in cross shaped... with varying sizes....

Facing fireplace
1) Remember the dial direction from the picture frame? Use it.
2) Perfect! 4 missing squares... do you have squares to put in?
3) The blue squares! But in what order? Does the arrangement in a cross remind you of anything?
4) The picture you took of the TV! What would the sizes mean?
5) Put the blue squares in accordingly, with biggest circle in the picture representing elephant, etc.
6) Take key.
7) Use new key on other drawer.
8) 3 squares. They can be made into white, white/red, red, red/grey, grey, grey/blue, blue, blue/white. How do you decide what to do?
9) 3... squares.... remind you of anything?
10) What was the 3 weathers presented on the 3 squares on TV? (rain, sun with clouds, snow)
11) What colour(s) was the rain? What colour(s) were sun + clouds? What colour(s) was snow?
12) answer to 3 squares and triangles: blue, red/grey, white
13) Set up colours, press red button, and take turn handle. Where can we put a turn handle?

Face door
1) Open door and put handle in square hole on wall
2) Click to turn it

Face robot
1) Robot invite you to see cherry blossoms!! How sweet =)
2) Accept the offer and you're out!

Coffeeteamix said...

hehe nice, thesmothete =D *high 5*

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love these 58 Works games!

Lichen Fairy said...

Thank you Thijs. I got it after that. =D

Anonymous said...

WALKTHROUGH (non-fluff version)

key on flowers near tv
glass behind wall picture right of tv
tile in cabinet under tv
tile behind dot picture over fireplace
tile on bookshelf
stepstool in closet: use key
tv remote in vent near ceiling: use stepstool
move robot arms like dot picture: LRLRLLR
tile in robot
card near bottom right of robot
foldable camera behind plant
fill glass with water in plant pot
put out fire with water
screwdriver in fireplace
lightbox behind wall panel near closet: use screwdriver
battery in back of lightbox: use screwdriver
put battery in tv remote and turn on tv
unfold camera
take photo of last tv channel; look at photo
put batteries and card in lightbox; turn it on
arrange wall panel knobs like card arrows: RLLL
use photo to arrange tiles behind knob panel; get key
use key on locked wall panel
color squares according to weather channel: B RG W
press red button; get crank
put crank in hole in wall in closet; click on crank
click porch in robot room; done

Anonymous said...

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