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February 28, 2010

dad escape

Dad escape is a new escape the room game by Robamimi. Don't forget to select english as language.


Anonymous said...

Wow. First! That never seems to happen.

Anonymous said...

For English, press the word “Japanese” at the beginning.



Click right armchair, click cushion, take penlight.


Turn right for picture view, take ruler from left of bookcase.


White drawers: zoom on candles and note their size and color. Open bottom drawer, move leftmost ring case, take sugar cube.


Same view, zoom on top drawer, open with ruler, take box with the word “LIGHT”, and take yellow star that was under the box.


Now zoom on vase, put sugar cube inside, zoom out, walk around the room once, zoom on vase again, and take red marble.


Picture view: zoom on red box, place marble, get battery.


View penlight, click on bottom part, click again to open battery compartment, put battery inside.


View LIGHT box, put penlight in hole, and note what you see.


Zoom on pencils and note the number of blunt and sharp pencils.


Zoom on bottom of bookcase, place star, and enter the numbers. The square symbol on the LIGHT box corresponds to the number of blunt pencils, the triangle corresponds to the number of sharp pencils.


Open bookcase and note first that the 4 sets of books correspond in color to the 4 candles. Open the tall white book and note the corner positions of the numbers 1 to 6. Flip more pages to read a message.


Zoom on picture and click 6 times on the corners in the order of the 6 numbers: top left, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right (twice).


The picture falls and you see what looks like ObEZ. Turn it upside down, and you get 2390.


Enter the code in the wardrobe, open the left door, and note the message in the bottom orange drawer: the safe => candle of picture.


Zoom on the safe in the right side of the wardrobe. You need to set the height on the left to the height of the candle of the same color as the picture (sort of blue). This candle is the second largest, so move the height one notch up. Then enter the number of books of the same color – 7. Open the safe and take the matches.


Zoom on the candles and light them in the order from smallest to largest, take key.


Go back to cupboard, open left door then use key on middle drawer; take message.


Now you can exit and read the end of the story.

Anonymous said...

Stupid storyline >.<

"Oh, it was just her appendix.
I sighed with relief.

"Good, I am glad it was not serious."

WhosYourDaddy said...

I have to agree. The storyline was silly. And if my dad ever dared to rummage through my stuff like that there'd be hell to pay! There might be a reason why I have locks on my stuff! Fingers off!!

Cyn said...

Does anyone know how to translate Japanese? I'd love to get a copy of the MUSIC! I clicked on the link for "" and it's all in Japanese.

Anonymous said...


Google is your Friend. Always.

Someone(haha) said...

woah woah woah! when the guy said "hey dad,"does that mean that his daughter had been married without him knowing? hmmm sneaky....

Cyn said...

@anonymous: tried that. also tried babelfish. neither makes any kind of sense. wish it HAD worked. oh, well...

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. Poor dad. His daughter is secretive.

Coffeeteamix said...

@ CYN:
1) Go to
2) Click "Free Sound" on the right under "Contents"
3) Click "# 2002" on the right under "Contents"
4) Scroll down to 60 and click on the song title "銀杏並木通り".
5) Save the file

I believe all of the music there are there for free non-commercial use =) With my limited Japanese, I think some of them are sound effects.. haven't tried everything yet so not sure~

Enjoy =)

Coffeeteamix said...

oh, and I think the little coloured box on the side is supposed to give you the mood of the song... so you know what you're getting into when you download the songs =P
I don't understand all of them, but I think
green means "every day use"
dark blue means "sad" (though I did't find "tears" on the 2002 page very sad >.>)
yellow means "bright"
orange means "dance"
black is "dark"
pink is... "evil"...?? not sure
white is "others"

sorry, I don't understand the other ones!

hope this helps =)


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