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June 21, 2009

snow white

Time for Minoto's weekly new point and click experience: snow white.


Anonymous said...

first awesome!!!!!

Brownie said...

lol, i was first on the next one, it was my first time of being first, wow, i'm so sad!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got dieting end xD

Anonymous said...

I got the dieting one but how do i get the second one i can't get is. some one make a walkthrough!!!

Anonymous said...

Rejuvenation end and diet end. You can also give the apple to the elefant, try doing it, its fun.

Anonymous said...

thx that helped alot thx

That Girl said...

i got up to outside the house and couldn't do anything else :/

beth said...

what do i do with the poster??

DarthMom said...

yay! got both endings!

Liakaye said...


First pick up the yellow cloth and the silver dome

wipe the mirror with the cloth, put the dome on the chicken to get the bird. click on mirror to get painting

give the cloth to the bull

give gas mask to blue guy, then pick up the UFO and the guy

put the UFO in the field to get frisbee, and put the guy with snow white

give the dog the frisbee

in the hut: put the bird in the nest
click on window to get paint.
using the picture the birds go
get diamond

give diamond to purple treasure chest to get apple core

put core on plate and put dome on top. now you have a full apple

For Rejuvenation End: Give apple to Elephant

For Dieting End: Give apple to queen

Margaret said...

I always love his stuff and now with them getting more complex, he's really hitting his stride.

4tje said...

Yeaah, finished another Minoto game by myself! I love his games!

Anonymous said...

You know what, it's really cool to be able to read comments and get hints from here, but please don't post a complete walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

Dietin End

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy!!!!! First!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I never thought I would see an obese Snow White =)

matt w said...

Liakaye, I think complete walkthroughs are fine.

Bobette said...

This is weird, even for Minoto. FAT! The dieting end was easy, and I like the two ends

Anonymous said...

i take it that you have never seen obese mario?


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