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June 30, 2009

bubble canon 2

10 levels of bubble popping fun: bubble canon 2 by Gaz.


Anonymous said...

Don't really get the game......:(

palat said...

Make the bubbles of the same colour pop, number indicates how many collisions are needed.
I do like it !

Anonymous said...

Its like playing pool by yourself.
Its a good time waster.

Anonymous said...

Most bubbles popped is 29.
the pink bubbles.

Anonymous said...

I got to level 5
36 bubbles

Anonymous said...

63 bubbles, Level 7

Carly said...

I got 61, but only because I "cheated": I started off with sending the balls straight up so they would come back in a line. That worked for about 30 balls. Then I was on my own. It's an OK game. Not my favorite, but OK.

matt w said...

Nice game. Very soothing.

Nevermore said...

Way too addictive!
166 balls is my best so far.
I need to be doing other things.
But I HAVE to play!!!

Nevermore said...

215 today!!!

Margaret said...

I haven't commented yet on this or played any other of the games on bontegames, because this is SO VERY addictive. It is indescribably addictive and should come with a warning.


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