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June 01, 2009

doctor ku - the alien room

Doctor Ku is stuck again, this time in the alien room.


Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Got a magnet, two beakers, black ball, scissors and a hanging sign?
Can't seem to combine anything or click on anything else. He just shrugs with everything I do. Kinda like I'm doing now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here. Can't seem to do anything with anything.

Jason said...

Ditto, its kind of frustrating. I don't like overly difficult spots in games, they should flow. If everything is hard then my mind is in a hard gaming mode, so I overlook the easy, and vis versa.

Anonymous said...


guide your shoulder-shrugging tim russert to collect colored balls for a DDR alien

get scissors in clock cabinet;

magnet; empty flask; flask with green liquid; book to the right of owl statue has formulas in it;
1. Click the blue book so that it leans to the right
2. Click the olive colored book so it leans to the left
3. Click the owl statue arm on the shelf and a secret key compartment opens in the next room for a few seconds

use key on birdcage to get screwdriver

use screwdriver to get musket
get mirror off wall
touch alien and he gives you an orb with instructions in mexican
click orb on birds and it lights up
give lighted ball to alien
touch illegal alien again to get another orb

shoot to the right of clock cabinet
collect dripping water in flask
try to shoot alien
hang mirror on clock face
try to shoot alien again
get worm from damaged floor
adjust mirror
try to shoot alien again
go inside TV
get poop under stage
use scissors to cut 5k weight off tree on stage
notice camel monster thing has runny nose
combine poo and worm, then worm-poo and flask of green liquid
(to combine two items, click plus symbol, then click first item (border turns orange), then second item)
use juice to grow plant near alien
get leaf
combine leaf and flask of water
give sniffle drug to camel-man monster
in alien room, put 5k weight on dark tile near bottom center
get cat vinyl record from drawer under owl statue
play cat record on phonograph in TV world
click black ball on cat music and give to alien
get new command from alien to infuse camel-monster music from TV world into 3rd orb
(why am i doing this?)
now the silly bastard has all he needs to...
get rope from where alien was standing
combine rope and magnet
attach magnet to space pod

Omochao said...

This would be near impossible without a walkthrough, some of the stuff you have to do doesnt make any sense at all!

Anonymous said...

Where in the other room is the key compartment?

gilbert said...

its was impossible to solve ..even with the walkthrough help.. it took time. it was not good.

Marte said...

I also wonder.. Where in the other room is the key compartment?

Anonymous said...

well i enjoyed it. why is everyone moaning? have the doctor ku games ever been logical? i think not. the dancing alien is hilarious!! lighten up a bit everyone!! its not as hard as some escape games!! take lights for instance!!

Anonymous said...

to get the key pull out one book and push in the other then quickly go to alien room and floor tile moves to reveal birdcage key

Anonymous said...

That was idiotic AND the music was annoying.


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