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June 02, 2009


Neutral delivers once more visually pleasing room escape entertainment in lights.


Bart said...

Note: you might want to refresh a couple of times for the game to load since Neutral's site is very busy right now.

Natalie said...

Yaaay, I love these Neutral games =)

marycathereen said...

I've refreshed about a dozen times and it still won't load :(

marycathereen said...

ok i got it to load but i'm stuck with binoculars(used), some sort of camera, a box with buttons(put it down somewhere), a hook and rope, a key(used), and two scraps of paper with clues

SophiaJung said...

I find out two endings...if you need help. Where are you now?

SophiaJung said...


use the hook rope to get the screwdriver

Dantes said...

damn XD

how to get 4862 with the +7 machine ?

SophiaJung said...

I believe that you should have already solved the problem by this time...if not, to make 4862:

get 63,*10=630, +14=644,*10=6440,+42=6482,*10=4820(the 6 being eliminated), +42=4862

jason said...

how do you get 2582 on the box?
I'm trying to see the second ending but can't figure out the math.

Anonymous said...

I F****n hate maths with a vengeance

NotMarian said...

Now, that was a fun game!!! I had to have only a couple of helps. I NEVER would have figured out how to do the solar box - I'm not a math person.


Anonymous said...

The code for the solar box is different every time. I can't figure out math problems, so I had to go to jayisgames to get some help on what buttons to push to get the code for the game I was playing.

Jason said...

Here's how I figured out the math. Lets use 2582.

First you look at the last two digits, click the plus 7 button until you find the last two digits in the last two places on the box, in this case its 182.

Now subtract that number from the 2582 to get 2400, so our first two digits are 24.

Now reset the box and click plus seven until 24 is in the last two places, in this case I think it was 324 or somthing.

Now hit the times ten button twice so that 24 is in the first two places on the box.

Then continue to hit plus seven until you get 2582.

This is a bit complicated but its the only way I could figure it out.

Keeper said...

A simpler way for the +7 mathematics:

Suppose your number is abcd. Then divide abcd, 1abcd, ..., 6abcd by 7. One of these seven numbers must be divisible by 7. For example, my number was 3792, then after trial and error, 43792 was divisible by 7.

Then 'decompose' the number in the following way: 42*1000+14*100+35*10+42*1

Rearranging gives you ((42*10+14)*10+35)*10+42. You are done!

Dantes said...

SophiaJung, Thanks for the help anyway ^^

meloxu said...

not such a math people myself but can give you a trick:

exemple 2876...
i wrote down the 7 table it gives you

*okay now begin with the two last numbers here 76 the only "6" ending is 56, so do the substraction it remains 2820 (we don't take care of the last "o" only means you'll have multipliate...)

*282 we look for a "2" ending : 42

*"4" ending: 14

*"1" ending: 21

now you have the number of times you should multiplicate 7:

a) 7x3=21

b) 7x2=14

c) 7x6=42

you only have 4 cases the first "2" is gone.

d) 7x8=56
2820+56= 2876

hope i was clear enought
also made the two endings will try to help ;o)

lac515 said...

im really stuck were do u find the hock and rope??

lac515 said...

ok got the rope got the screwdriver, how do u open the box on the floor and the white box??

meloxu said...

when you've zoomed on the chest you see a key on the locker.
select the white box in your inventory and put it on that key.
the chest is to be open on the very end ... on one of the endings eventualy you won't use at all!

Anonymous said...

Am totally stuck. Have put duck key in box but box won't open. Have used binoculars for x's and o's code on skylight, have put odd 7's machine thingy on shelf beside watering can. Have seen diagram behind pottery vase, have retrieved scrunched up paper with abcd and diamond/heart/star chart. Have also found handheld gizmo that does not have any batteries. Cannot get screwdriver. Cannot find rope and hook. Feel totally dumb......... but graphics are beautiful!

matt w said...

Anonymous -- have you found the ruler with the symbols cut out? You can use it with the letters on the side of the couch, and that in combination with the scrunched up paper gives you a clue for a puzzle behind the center painting.

I really hated the minigame (game designers: some of us have touchpads and bad reflexes), but the doggy made it better.

Anonymous said...

yes, I've found the shapes ruler, but can only find the red button on the side of the couch. How many times should I turn the duck head to open the box?

Anonymous said...

The ruler is set for the letters at the right side of the desk(not couch) et you have to beat the minigame to get the duck head code.
Good luck!

RĂ©mi said...

Where do you find the number please ??? (4892, etc...)

Anonymous said...


This will allow you to enter any code into the box.

We'll put the game on hold while we calculate four digits...
We'll call the digits A, B, C, and D.

Use the following key:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

0 3 6 9 2 5 8 1 4 7

0 2 4 6 1 3 5 0 2 4

Take the code you want to enter, and add 10,000 to it.
Now we have a 5 digit number to start with.

Take the last digit, and find it in ROW1.
D is the digit directly under it in ROW2.
Strip the last digit from the number.
We now have a 4 digit number starting with 1.
Subtract the digit in ROW3 under D from it.
We now have a new number.
Repeat to find C with our new number:

Take the last digit, and find it in ROW1.
C is the digit directly under it in ROW2.
Strip the last digit from the number.
We now have a new number with one less digit.
Subtract the digit in ROW3 under C from it.
This is our new number.
Repeat to find B with our new number:

Take the last digit, and find it in ROW1.
B is the digit directly under it in ROW2.
Strip the last digit from the number.
Subtract the digit in ROW3 under B from it.

We now have a one or two digit number.
Take the last digit, and find it in ROW1.
A is the digit directly under it in ROW2.

We now have four digits ABCD.

Back to the game...

The right button adds 7 to the counter display for each press.
The middle button shifts all the digits to the left by one space.
The red reset button also enters the finished code.

Press the red button to zero the counter.
Press the right button A times.
Press the right button B times.
Press the right button C times.
Press the right button D times.
Press the red button to enter the code.

Please post a simpler procedure.
Nice game, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody write the solution from start to the end? i am very beginner..

Anonymous said...

Have put the code into the solar box (that's the number behind the key in the outside hallway, right?) but nothing's happened. How do you find the 3 digit number to open the cabinet with the hamster picture?

matt w said...

Oops, I really suck -- I was complaining about the minigame but I overlooked the "Easy Start" button. For people with touchpads and bad reflexes!

Anon #1, there's a complete walkthrough at JayIsgames:

Anon #2, did you press the red button after inputting the code? If I remember correctly, that's what gives you the roman numeral code.

Anonymous said...

Stupid question... how do i find out the code with the ruler? got the ruler, see the letters,now how to go on?.. am i stupid?

Jessica said...

I got a high score of 6800 on the duck game. I am looking at the formula published but I can't figure out how to get a 00 as end numerals. I an get 6811. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Here's another way to get the code machine to work. (Hint: code is in the hallway)

Using the code I had: 2523
Divide code by 7, and pay attention to the remainder.
2523/7 = 360 remainder 3

If your remainder is:

0, add nothing
1, add 50000
2, add 30000
3, add 10000
4, add 60000
5, add 40000
6, add 20000

So my remainder was 3. I add 10000 to 2523 to get 12523. I'm just adding a number to the front of the original code.

Take your new number, in my case 12523 and divide by 7 again.

12523/7 = 1789

Now taking the new number (1789), and going right to left (9 8 7 1), this is how many times you want to press the buttons:

Press 7x button 9 times
10X button once
7x button 8 times
10x button once
7x button 7 times
10x button once
7x button 1 time

Hope this didn't make things worse.

Anonymous said...

I should have never said anything about making it worse
Now taking the new number (1789)this is how many times you want to press the buttons:

Press 7x button 1 times
10X button once
7x button 7 times
10x button once
7x button 8 times
10x button once
7x button 9 time

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Much simpler and easier.
One problem though:
The digits are entered LEFT TO RIGHT, so your example would be:
(1 7 8 9)
+7 button 1 time
x10 button once
+7 button 7 times
x10 button once
+7 button 8 times
x10 button once
+7 button 9 times

Anonymous said...

Awesome method!

Anonymous said...

Nice game - particularly liked the use of live-action footage! Have to admit, though, without the walkthrough I never would have associated the code behind the cabinet with the tic-tac-toe grid!!

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough please.


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