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September 30, 2008

small samurai

Minoto prepared us a fresh game for all your pointing and clicking needs: small samurai.


Midge said...

Hurray, I'm first....

Anonymous said...

can you give me a hint, please? ;D
the girl on the bridge has already those chopsticks but then I'm stuck ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi all :)

Anonymous said...

Am I stupid? I absolutely don't know what to do...any hints?

Anonymous said...

got girl mehtod of three

place the bowl in the water near little samurai

Anonymous said...

yeah I got it ;D

Anonymous said...

Please, give me a hint...what to do with the stick on the second screen?? (feeling dumb) ;)


Anonymous said...

I have all three ends now.. that one was pretty weird and harder than most of the last ones but really fun ^^

to gina: you have to click it with the mouse and get the hammer with it.

Anonymous said...

...yeah, tried that already many times, but nothing happens...

Anonymous said...

Click and hold on the stick and go up onto the hammer on the roof. Then it falls down! And to get the little samuri to move, you have to get rid of the holes. And when you do that, you also get a needle in the place of the little flower thingy on the house scene. Give the needle to the little samuri. Then she goes onto the bridge.

Anonymous said...

You have to use a lot of mud.

The difference between the three endings depend on who you give the magic hammer to (the girl, the boy, or neither).

Anonymous said...

i don't understand..
why the needle? and after that? he is still over the bridge and nothing nappens anymore :(

thesmothete said...

After he crosses the bridge, you collect him and feed him to the samurai. Then you make the samurai vomit him back up. Simple and logical!

thesmothete said...

Walkthrough (spoilers!!)

From initial screen, move right
- grab and drag the stick to the roof, get hammer
Move left
- hit each gopher on the head with the hammer, before he goes back under
- collect shovel from head gopher
Move right
- collect mud with shovel
Move right twice
- give mud to raccoon; he makes a mud-boat that sinks
- collect oar
- give oar to monkey
- collect urn
- examine urn, collect peppers
- fill urn with water
Move left
- pour water into bowl from urn; monster drinks water
- collect chopsticks
Move right
- collect bowl
- re-fill urn with water
Move left twice
- get mud with shovel
Move left
- fill in one gopher hole with mud
- go back right and left and collect more mud to fill the other two holes, one at a time
- collect needle from where the mud used to be
Move left
- put small bowl in water
- put needle into boy’s buttocks
- give chopsticks to boy
- click on boy; he will ride the river
- click on boy, he will go into your pocket
Move left
- put boy on plate to feed monster
- give peppers to monster, he vomits boy out; drops magic hammer
- collect magic hammer
- collect boy

For not perfect end: give small boy to girl
For girl end: give hammer to girl
For perfect end: examine boy, give him hammer, give large boy to girl

Anonymous said...

Evviva,ce l'ho fatta anch'io!!!
Sono molto carini questi giochi,un po' arzigogolati ma carini!

Ciao a tutti,e buon gioco!!!

Stratoslover said...

Got the perfect end :)

Anonymous said...


Jith Not A Jedi said...

Gosh this one was rather confusing, had to use thesmothete's walkthrough - thanks for posting it :)

lolmaster said...

To anonymous:

The needle is the little samurai's sword.

Miss Piggy said...

got all three endings. didn't understand the scene at the end of the perfect ending where the guy stabs the girl and they walk off smiling. actually was he really stabbing the girl?


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