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September 21, 2008

the bride of the fox

It's that Minoto point and click time of the week again: the bride of the fox.


Jith said...

Yay, finished it. Good game as usual :D

Anonymous said...

are you sure you finished it? or are you just saying that? how about a little hint here...hey pal?

thesmothete said...

I got the "perfect end", but not yet the other one. The key is the placement of the mushroom. Hint: you need to place it and retrieve it more than once.

Anonymous said...

i got the normal end. don't know how you get the perfect end. and i wonder where you use the metal detector?

Alison99 said...

I got the perfect end, but not really sure how. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I got the perfect end without using the metal detector - does it have any use at all??

Chelena said...

Yes it has, you can find the propeller for the airplane with that detecor.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the normal and perfect end is what you click on at the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

This one was harder than the other Minoto games... :/ couldn't finish it XD where do i place the mushroom, anyway?

thesmothete said...


Click boulder to block stream, Click cloud to expose metal detector, Get metal detector
Click bunny to climb hill.

Move right three times. Use metal detector to find circle, Click in circle, Get propeller.

Move left. Give propeller to bird, Get parachute.

Move left twice. Give parachute to bunny, Get mushroom.

Move right. Click on frog. Put orange mushroom to the left of the yellow mushroom., Click on frog, Get yellow mushroom and put it to the left of the orange mushroom., Click on Frog, continue this process until frog gets scroll for you.

Move right, use scroll to cast spell on ninja (he lights the fire), get teapot.

Move left, open ramen noodle bowl, pour hot water into bowl, get fried bean curd.

Move right twice, give fried bean curd to fox, get scroll.

Move left, use scroll on fire (nothing will change), then use scroll on ninja (he turns into a fox), get glass.

Move left twice, remove boulder from stream, fill glass with water from stream.

Move right three times, give glass of water to statue (statue will ride on the sun to the sky, and then start peeing on the ground, then fox bridal party will arrive).

Move left, click on excited, bouncing fox. He will go into your inventory.

Move right, give fox to bride.

For normal end click fox with lamp (foxes will all jump in the air, leaving the couple… pulsing… on the ground). For perfect end, click on the bride (she will turn into raccoon, groom will turn back into a ninja).

Anonymous said...

such a cute ending! ;)

Anonymous said...


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