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September 04, 2008

remote escape

You've lost your keys again... sounds like a call to try and escape remote escape.


matt perry said...

I escaped but I didn't like the constant angle changing as you click around... OK game though.

Anonymous said...

Mine doesn't seem to load. Totally black. Matt perry's description makes me feel much better because it wouldn't be so pleasant anyway :p

Anonymous said...

Oh now it's ok. Will start now~

Anonymous said...

i'm out ... on my own !!

Anonymous said...

angle changing is a huge bummer for that quite good game

Anonymous said...

Well, I escaped, but didn't use all of the items, or open the dresser side that was locked. Wonder what I missed... (and what were those 2 cards for?)

Anonymous said...

Click on draws

Click behind draws to get knife

Click back and click top left draw

Pick up screwdriver

Use knife to lift up bottom of draw and get key

Use key to open right top draw and get projector

Use screwdriver on fire alarm to take cover off and get battery

Click underneath right chair and get a slide

Click right leg of table and take key from the leg

Click on the plugs and use the screwdriver on the right one to get key

Click on bin, then click on bin to get coat hanger

click on pipe to get slide

Click underneath the sofa to get a magnet

Click on the cabinet, use keys to open both sides and get car and remote

Click top of cabinet and get slide

Click on pot, then click on corner of carpet to get a fuse

Goto the screen, click on the white box by the screen, use screwdriver to open it and place fuse inside

Placed projector on shelf, then place slides onto projector

Goto the projector screen and note RGB

Goto the picture frame and click Red, Green, Blue, collect camera

Place camera, magnet on car

Place battery, coat hanger on remote

Goto pot by the door

Push car through the gap

Go to the screen and with remote in hand click on the screen, watch car collect key

Go back to the pot by the door and take key from the car

Use key to escape


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