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September 20, 2008

retro room

You wish you could remember how to get out of your office, as for now you're still stuck in the retro room.


Anonymous said...

Respect myself! Na al maandenlang je site te bezoeken heb ik eindelijk het geduld eens gevonden om geen walkthrough te gebruiken... toffe site, blijven doen

Anonymous said...

OUT! But after 1080 sec and 886 times clicking....way too much. But a nice game.

Anonymous said...

yay^^ 848 seconds, 889 clickings XD this is about the 1st time ever i escape a game like this without using an entire walkthrough XD
my tip to you is: look at the little hints ppl have left on the page, it helps a lot without giving everything away! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aaaand out! 664 seconds (wish I'd waited two seconds longer, lol) and 566 clicks.

#$%&*$##@#$ said...

Everytime I use the matches I get stuck in the glass screen. I already restarted the game one million times!
I wish I could play it.

Anonymous said...

Use space bar to drop an object.

tam said...

Thank you, Anonymous in 2010, I was about to abandon this game! Your help is most welcome: the space bar, my new best friend :)


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