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September 10, 2008

lab escape

After yesterday's 20 room escaper, escaping just one lab should be no problem at all: lab escape.


Anonymous said...

stuck already, have needle, card, key and mask

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough :

Go left and zoom in on wooden stool twice. Underneath it is a gas mask.
Zoom out, go left twice and click on socket above shard type things. Zoom in on plug and collect pin.
Zoom out and go left once. Click on big yellow bin and collect green key on right corner.
Zoom out and click on safe next to the bin. Stick the pin in the hole at the bottom and collect the chemical.
Zoom out and click on green button on the bottom left corner. Zoom in and collect the card.
Go left and zoom in on socket on the left of the door. Click on the carpet in the corner and collect yellow key.
Zoom out, go left once and zoom in on big box with green light and two holes. Place yellow key in top hole, green key in bottom hole and, when opened, swipe the strip with card, and collect the beaker.
Go right and zoom in on test tube holder. Put the vial in the hole and pour the mixture in the beaker into the vial.
Go left twice, to the sink, and turn the tap. Go the the vents in the wall and collect a drop of water.
Put your gas mask on (DON'T REMOVE IT!) and go over to the tube holder. Put the water into the solution and walk out the door.
take mask of and walk out

Anonymous said...

no sweat, i'm out, thanks for that walkthrough

Anonymous said...

I hate this game... i've never been able to do it..

Anonymous said...

tam said...

Yes, a lot of thanks for the walkthrough: I'm out (and I was poisoned the first time, of course!)


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