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March 10, 2008


More new classical escape the room point and click entertainment: confined by FonGeBoon.


Anonymous said...

Ok, got 2/3 of the maze pieces, but cannot seem to get the pencil or anything else but the tape, screwdriver, cup and paper clip. Not sure how items are combined, either.

Behold said...

Ok Done!!! Yey.... Tough though.

Behold said...

Look at the screwdriver harder.

Also the 3rd peice is on a door.

Anonymous said...

Ok, solved it with the help of another walkthrough...

Anonymous said...

Here are some things that will make life a bit easier to know, without giving too much away...

Each couch cushion leads to something you need.
The door of the safe has something you need.
There is a flashlight in the second room.
The slider puzzle can't be solved until you see something red and blue.
The cabinet above the couch can be made to show letters.
You cannot solve the thing above the couch without several hints from the game.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great one, objects weren't too obscure but made you work

Anonymous said...

need to find a walk through can any one help me

Anonymous said...

well i got into the second room and got the gold key, pretty sure i pushed the pencil into the first room, plugged in that thingy, got the tile, got the faucet handle, the picture of the first room, and iAM STUCK ON THE BLUE AND RED BALL GAME. someone please HELP. im a lady in distress

Anonymous said...

The blue and red ball game seems to be causing a lot of trauma. I did not find it that hard. The goal is to arrange the tiles so that the balls move continuously from tile to tile in a smooth movement across the square. Step one is to identify tiles where the balls "bounce". Put those on the proper corner or sides. Then look for where the balls go right after they leave the squares you know. One by one, put those in place, using the blocks you already have as a reference. Once you have a group of about 3-4 near each other, slowly add one block at a time to link up to them, until you have solved the puzzle.

Anonymous said...


-Open side table drawer and get the tape.
-Turn right and shake the right side couch pillow until you see something shiny fall. Get the silver key.
-Open the brown cabinet in the all and move the numbers until you get the paper piece (1).
-Go right twice and click the top of the desk. Click through the papers and get the paper piece (2). Get the paperclip. Also get the cup from the desk top. View the cup and click the bottom. Note the number “8”.
-Click the blue book and note the P ≠. Continue through the book and get the handle.
-Right again and click the wall panel. Attach the handle. Open it up and get the screwdriver. Note the red pencil is out of reach.
-With the wall panel still open, click the door and get the paper piece (3).
-Use the tape on the paper pieces to get a completed maze paper. Follow the path from S to G and use the code 5941 on the keypad next to the door.
-Enter the room and the door closes. Click the bottom shelf near the skull and get the flashlight. Turn it on.
-Use the silver key on the orange toolbox on the shelf and get the wrench.
-Click the picture frame and get the picture.
-Go right. Click just under the white box on the wall. Use the screwdriver to open the small panel. Plug it the cord.
-Turn on the faucet and run the picture under the cold water. Note the arrow that appears on the photo.
-Now remove the faucet wheel with the wrench and place it on the left faucet. Turn on the hot water and place the picture under the water. Note that A=4.
-Fill the cup with hot water. Note the letter and recall the number at the bottom. Now you know that P=8.
-Look to the right of the sink and note the panel on the wall. Click clicking it until you see something shiny. Get the gold key. Click inside the panel itself. Now view your screwdriver and extend it into a telescoping screwdriver. Push the panel back.
-Zoom out and take a look at the tiles on the front of the sink. Go to the third column from the left, second black tile down. Click it and get the black tile.
-Turn right and click the panel to the right of the door. Insert the gold key to activate it. Now the fun begins.
-Complete the moving slider puzzle. The best hint is to find out which tiles are the “border” tiles and work from there. When you are done, use the black tile in your inventory and slide it in. Now the door is open. Thank god for light!
-Remember from the picture the arrow pointing under the clock. Click under the clock and note the small hole. View your paperclip and click it to open it up.
-Insert it in the small hole until you see a paper roll out. Zoom out and note that the water drop = PAIN.
-Turn back towards the couch and lift the right pillow. Click the right side of the left pillow and note that star = FUN.
-Open the panel above the couch. Click the small square boxes so that the top one reads “FUN”, the second one reads “PAIN”, and the bottom one reads “LOVE”.
-You already know that P = 8 and A = 4. From the given numbers you can deduce that N = 5. Then you will find that FUN = 725, PAIN = 8435, LOVE = 9160.
-Find the numbers that correspond to the word OPEN = 1805 and enter that into the keypad. The door will open a new door and you’re out!

Meuw ._. said...

Gosh, it's really depressing when you can't be as clever as that one who wrote that walkthrough. I don't give myself a chance to solve it, I just do the walkthroughs, and then there's no fun left... ;_; Somebody, teach me how to be smart? *puppy eyes*

Lolmaster said...

I don't know whether it's a bug in the game or not, but I can't seem to pick up the cup...


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