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March 26, 2008


In the new escape game E-Scape for once you're not locked in a room but actually locked to a chair at your desk so this happens to be the first escape-the-chair game ...


Anonymous said...

yey first!

Anonymous said...

grrr how anoying are the angles on the game

Anonymous said...

hi, please write here some instriction

Anonymous said...

help us nozem!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrr, all I've got so far is a screwdriver, keys,a cartridge for the printer and a piece of paper.
I'm clicking like a maniac, but can't seem to find anything else.

Anonymous said...

Haaa, I fixed the computer...

Anonymous said...

I've read on another site that the game doesn't work properly unless you have a flash decompiler/compiler (whatever that is..)Bart do you know anything about this?

Martin said...

i read on another site there was a malfunction in the game. the given password wasn't the appropriate one. So you can't finish the game with the password (or any password) which is found in the game.

Amelia Peabody said...

I was able to get through it, but apparantly it only works randomly. Does it help if I tell you the end was not worth it?

Anonymous said...

I read the bug was already fixed

Anonymous said...

To Amelia: It helps a little bit, thanx. But it is still frustrating....

Anonymous said...

I'm finally out.
Hard to get the code:
piece of paper: 1
playing the game on pc: 2
error code on printer: 6

code is: 126

In blue box is yellow key

Anonymous said...

Got out.
Not verey difficult.
Played it for about an hour yesterday. Didn't know there
was a bug... Quite frustrating!

Anonymous said...

can someone please help me!! I don't know what to do! X) I really suck at these games :P
I'm still sitting at the desk and can't do nothing, I've gos ink in the printer, that's all.. I cant get the printer do do anything..

Anonymous said...

I found a walkthrough. And finally finished the game!!!

I could figure out how to hide it, so if you don't want to see a walkthrough stop reading this.

Here is my version of a walkthrough.

Click on the computer mouse and get the green keys.

Use the green keys to open the top draw on the left and get the ink cartridge.

Put the cartridge in the printer.

Then find the screwdriver. I'm pretty sure it was behing the computer.

Unscrew the letter 'K' on the keyboard.

Unscrew the top of the computer (not the screen, the hardrive box thingy)and change the sliding thing. Note the word 'David'.

Turn the computer on with the biggest button on the hardrive box.

Put in the username (David) and the code that was in the keyboard.

Do the printing thing on the computer.

Play the game get the number. Go to the printer and get the number on the yellow plate. Go back to the computer and and click on the sound icon in the corner of the screen until it is on its highest sound. Put the username back into the computer and an invald password. Then there should be a piece of paper with a number on it in front of the speaker.

Put the 3 numbers you got into the blue box in order.

Get the yellow keys and click on your leg chains and then the door.

Your done!

Anonymous said...

stupid game. easy and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I was out in fifteen minutes ^^

Anonymous said...

I did it! 8D

Anonymous said...

I was out of there in two minutes, i'll be damned if im gonna be tied to a chair in some strangers office!

Anonymous said...

I got stuck because i found the paper stuck in the keyboard first :P so i didnt put in a wrong password to get the first piece of paper with the code on it.... i had to start it again :P simple enough, if the order is right


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